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Over the years, readers have given travel tips for cities all over the world. But some tips keep popping up for city after city and should be part of your general travel habits. Not every tip works for every city, but you should run through this checklist next time you're headed somewhere new.


"Melbourne is more like San Francisco, while Sydney is more like L.A." That's according to Lifehacker's US readers, who were recently asked to share their tips on visiting Sydney. Here's some of the best - and weirdest - advice about "the town that Britain's convicts built."


Urban greening projects in Melbourne’s west are contributing to making the region cooler, more pleasant and healthier to live in and travel through. The key to this success is the Greening the West initiative. Since 2011 this has brought together 23 organisations that, by the end of 2018, will have collectively planted more than 1 million trees in Melbourne’s west.

The program’s efforts not only offer clear health and economic benefits for the region’s residents, but are also welcome news in the face of reports that tree canopy cover in Australian cities is generally declining.

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On Tuesday, The New York Times decided to reignite the age old debate of walking versus standing on escalators. And do you know what the paper concluded? "You shouldn't walk on escalators." This is a patently incorrect conclusion for at least four reasons.


Biking through a city scares a lot of people. Perhaps it's the lack of safe culs-de-sac, or maybe just the idea of cars whizzing by and crushing you into pulp. Urban cycling sounds terrifying, but it's not as complicated or dangerous as it seems.