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The world watched yesterday as Notre Dame Cathedral, a symbol of France and the Catholic Church, burned in a devastating fire that toppled its spire and destroyed most of its wooden roof. The cathedral was in the midst of a large restoration process.


If you’re thinking of donating to your local food bank over the holiday break, the best way isn’t to dig in your pantry for unwanted cans, or even to head to the grocery store with some coupons. What food banks and soup kitchens need most is your cold, hard cash.


Tis the season for acts of charity, and if you find yourself in a drive-thru line, you may get roped into a “pay it forward” chain. The person in front of you paid for your order, you’re told. And if you feel awkward or guilty — after all, you placed your order, so you know you have the money — you can just pay for the car behind you and now it’s their problem.

Fortunately, there’s a way to break the chain without being a jerk.


When you tire of shooting doomsday preppers in Far Cry 5, instead of reselling the game for a mere fraction of what you paid or letting it collect dust in your garage for the next 26 years, why not make a bored kid’s day by donating it to your local library?

In Reddit’s Gaming community, digital_russ shared how he did just that after being “sick of GameStop’s ridiculous trade-in offers”.


Citymeals on Wheels funds the delivery of over three million meals a year to elderly residents in New York City, filling in gaps like weekends and holidays that government programs leave out.

Since 2011, Beth Shapiro has been the non-profit’s executive director, overseeing every step from fundraising to delivery, keeping up with an ageing population and other changing needs. We talked to her about managing an organisation with so much on the line.

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What comes to mind when you think of Millennials? If we are to believe what we read, we're looking at a generation of lazy, selfish, entitled and image-obsessed 18–30 year olds, more intent on eating smashed avo and showing it off on Instagram than, well, anything else.

Now science is aiming to smash that stigma, and this first-of-it's-kind experiment has shown those headlines have it all wrong.


Things are… not great now. Hurricane season is clobbering the Caribbean, earthquakes are plaguing Mexico, the Pacific Northwest is on fire. Understandably, you want to help, and often the best way to help is a monetary donation to a relief organisation. And it seems like the best thing to do is to earmark your funds for the specific emergency you're responding to -- after all, that's why you're donating. But first, consider this.


The Red Cross is probably the best-known emergency relief organisation in the US -- but it's not necessarily the best. Accusations of mismanagement have plagued their responses to national and international disasters, and their name recognition (and easy text message donation system) can obscure worthy local and grassroots organisations.


OzHarvest Market is a Sydney-based "rescued food" supermarket that invites customers to pay what they can - even if that's nothing at all. The business follows a "take what you need, give if you can" model, with all money reinvested back into the charity.

Earlier today, we paid a visit to OzHarvest's flagship store to check out what was on offer. The sheer variety of supermarket goods on display astounded us. Here are the pictures.


A ton of fake GoFundMe donation pages were set up for the family of Robert Godwin Sr earlier this week after he was murdered in the US. It's a nasty trick, no doubt, but this isn't the first time scammers have preyed upon sympathetic contributors, and it won't be the last. Here's how to spot the fake campaigns before you throw your money away.


Red hair is caused by a rare recessive gene that occurs in less than two per cent of the human population. Once considered a sign of beauty, virility and even rulership, the trait has since become an object of bullying and ridicule - and the "rangas" have had enough.

On 29 April, Australian redheads are being urged to take part in a national Ginger Pride Rally organised by
Buderim Ginger Beer and the Red and Nearly Ginger Association (RANGA for short). There will even be 'ginger speed dating' for redheaded singles to partake in. Here are the details.


Web/Android/iOS: Human trafficking is a massive, global problem -- one that an app alone won't solve, but one that this app may be able to help with, just a little bit. TraffickCam asks you to snap pictures of your hotel room, creating a database that can be matched to rooms in photos with trafficking victims.


If you're feeling generous, you have more options than to open your wallet or build a giftable DIY project. You have plenty of homegrown body parts you can donate to people in need. From blood and hair to your entire body, here are things you can contribute to a good cause now, or when you don't need them any more.