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How to Choose Your Child’s First Pet

Wanting and subsequently begging for a pet is somewhat of a childhood rite of passage. Most kids, at some point, want a dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, gold fish, or all of the above. For parents who love having a houseful of animals, adding a third cat or another creature-filled tank…

Close-Up Of Cat With Dog At Home

How Cats, Dogs And Birds See The World

Having a pet is getting to know their personality and all their quirks, feeling like you can communicate despite not really sharing a language at all. But have you ever thought about how your beloved cat, dog or bird sees you, your house and all the fancy toys you’ve bought…

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Put a Onesie on Your Pet Instead of the ‘Cone of Shame’

If your pet has ever recovered from surgery, you’ll remember just how much they hate the Elizabethan collar, aka the “cone of shame” — that stiff plastic cone that goes around their neck, preventing them from licking or tearing out their stitches. In addition to looking uncomfortable, the cone of…