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Winter is coming and that means you'll be looking for something to do indoors when the cold wind blasts through and the rain starts falling. What better way to have some fun than to kick back and play some games - old-school style.


As our recent dash cam insurance guide explained, there are a multitude of reasons you should be recording video while driving. In addition to providing an impartial witness in the event of an accident, they can also speed up your insurance claim and help you to avoid excess charges.

Convinced? Then you need to check out Catch's dash cam clearance sale. For a limited time, the daily deals site is offering big discounts on a range of dash cam models with savings of up to $150. Here are some highlights!


Catch is having its first ever exclusive sale for members. And you'll be able to recoup the $6.50 monthly membership fee easily with just one sale with some very heavy discounts including more than 50% off Google Home smart speakers, Birkenstock sandals and cookware. Here are some of the highlights.


Dash cams have become a popular in-car accessory as drivers want to ensure they have evidence to support them in case of a crash, or as a way to capture interesting incidents they're witness to. Catch is offering great deals on dash cams with most under $150 and even some for well under $100. Here's what's on offer.


Aussie deals site Catch (formerly Catchoftheday) is always good for a bargain, but with Black Friday last week and Cyber Monday today, the deals are better than ever. Like the Black Friday deals, many of these are stock limited, so get in quick!


Aussie deals site Catch (formerly Catchoftheday) is always good for a bargain, but with Black Friday bearing down on us, the deals are better than ever. While the official sale doesn't start until Friday, you can already get some ripper discounts, so get in quick.


Ever since Ruslan Kogan shipped his first container of TVs from China, his company has played the underdog card brilliantly in the company's pitched battle with established retailers like JB HiFi and, in particular, Harvey Norman. But now they are locked in a legal battle with The Catch Group. Catch alleges Kogan has registered domain names and is offering services using domain names that could confuse buyers.


Catch of the Day has grown from a daily deals site into one of the largest online retailers in the country. They are already shipping over 10,000 products each day and their Club Catch program, which offers free shipping of orders worth more than $50, has about 75,000 members and is adding another 2,000 each week. But CEO Gabby Leibovich, is planning to further expand the business as they prepare for Amazon’s Australian entry in 2018.