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Flying is terrible, which is why so many people drink on flights. But a plane is not a bar, which makes imbibing on a plane a somewhat limited experience, cocktail-wise. Though rum & cokes, gin & tonics, and and vodka sodas will do the job, bringing on a little cocktail kit will elevate the plane drinking experience and provide a welcome distraction from the fact that you are on a damn plane (which is the whole point).


Dear Lifehacker, I'm from the US and will be visiting Australia in November for business. I have 4 domestic flights on Virgin Australia and I plan to travel light (backpack + 1 personal item). I've spent lots of time trying to find a carry-on bag that meets VA's size guidelines. The bag I'm looking at is slightly over their size requirements. So I'm wondering: how strictly do they enforce them? Should I try my luck or look for a smaller bag?