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It's been nigh on 60 years since the first 'Great Race' in Bathurst's Mount Panorama. On October 4, a new generation of drivers will test their mettle on the one of Australia's toughest Supercar circuits: the Bathurst 1000. Here's how to watch the race live, free and online in Australia.


Mastering rough roads shelled into near-oblivion, Violette Morris sidestepped the artillery craters on her motorcycle. It was 1916 on the slopes of the Somme in the midst World War I, and Morris, a field nurse, was on her way to the battlefield. The soldiers who righted her bike when she fell weren't aware that they were helping a woman. With a shapeless outfit and close-cropped hair, Morris could easily pass for a man on the battlefield.


The world of Formula 1 racing has developed at a breakneck speed over the last few decades. But, more recently, the technology that supports race teams has progressed with teams now freighting a portable data centre along for the ride alongside some of the fastest cars ever made. And that means having the right leadership. Graeme Hackland has been the CIO of the Williams F1 Team since 2014. I spoke with him just behind pit lane and the garages at the Melbourne Grand Prix.