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Mac: Screen-grabbing tool Skitch has been updated with several new features, including a timed screenshot (a feature that was removed with the last update), custom styles and more sharing features. The timed screen snap gives you a five-second countdown before the area is captured. You can use the shortcut CTRL + CMD + Shift + 5 to trigger this very useful feature.


Mac OS X already offers a means of capturing screenshots with a few keyboard shortcuts, but if you want to do a little more you have to grab a third-party tool. Of the many available, Skitch is our favourite for its many annotation tools and instant-sharing options.


There are a couple of reasons you might want to take a screenshot (a.k.a., screen capture or screen grab) of your desktop or an application window. One of the most common is to send the image to tech support to show a problem you're experiencing. Whatever your motive, here's how to take a screenshot on both Windows and Mac.


Mac OS X: If you've ever had trouble remembering all the different screen capture commands or were wondering how to access preferences, Captur can help you out. It sticks every screen capture option Mac OS X provides in your menubar and offers up some finer controls but letting you adjust the preferences — something you can't easily do through Mac OS X on its own.


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Mac OS X only: Skitch is the best screenshot app for Macs. It's finally out of a very, very long beta with a 1.0 release, adding some neat sharing/social features for free users and many more goodies for $US14.95 per year.


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Chrome: Awesome Screenshot is a screen capture and annotation tool with text editing, drawing and free image sharing — all accessible from the Google Chrome toolbar.


Windows: Among the screen capture and encoding tools, Microsoft's name probably doesn't come up. Too bad, because their Expression Encoder offers a free, high-resolution screen capture tool that works great for how-to recordings, demonstrations, and other desktop video capture needs.