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You want to know the secret to saving money on your mobile phone bill? There's no secret: just keep your phone for as long as you can and make sure you're on the right SIM Only phone plan. Here are Australia's ten best plans that cost under $20 a month. (We've also included ten plans with over 10GB of data.)


Optus has dropped the contract requirement on some of its BYO plans, letting you sign up month-by-month if you bring your own phone. How do the new plans compare to its old offers, and are they worthwhile? The answer turns out to be: some of them are more expensive than before and you can do better elsewhere.


Whatever happened to technology getting smaller and more integrated? A research project tracking banking executives has found that most of them carry two smartphones, a tablet and a laptop. The trade-off for the extra weight is the ability to better balance work and personal commitments by ignoring the 'work' phone out of hours.


Bring-your-own device policies are increasingly replacing the traditional "IT will dictate what you can have" approach. It's no surprise that the most popular brand of BYO phone in Australian corporate environments is the iPhone. But which one ranks second, and why are laptops still a more common choice than phones?