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A strong testimonial can be a great asset for any business's online presence, allowing you to frame your business's appeal and strengths in a client's words. Yet in a world where reviews and comments can turn up anywhere and everywhere -- between Facebook, Twitter and Google Reviews -- it can still seem impossible to find them, even when your clients won't stop singing your praises.


Hi Lifehacker! I recently applied for an internal job which unfortunately I didn't get. One of my friends, however, did get the job. This friend has no job skills, no experience, and no industry knowledge. I'm struggling to understand how he got this role, and what's more, how I should react when he joyfully reminds me of his new role every other day. Do you have any advice or ways I can handle this? What do you do when your friend gets the job you wanted?


Dear Lovehacker, I moved cities late last year and my old boss is going to be in town for a visit soon. He suggested that we catch up but my only availability was during the evening. I didn't even think that it could be a problem until after we arranged to have dinner. He has a wife and I'm not sure if I should be worried about what she would think, especially because I'm single. Am I just being paranoid or is there something a bit off about having dinner alone with a married man? Thanks, B.


Dear Lovehacker, I recently spent the night with someone and now I'm getting strong attempted-relationship vibes from them. To be honest, these vibes were kind of there before too. I will definitely see them at work-related events in the future and I'm not sure how to avoid this situation. Help? Thanks, Tyler.