• 6 Simple Ways You Can Lower Your Energy Bill

    6 Simple Ways You Can Lower Your Energy Bill

    While there’s no arguing that our day-to-day living has become more tech-focused. With almost every basic amenity now coming with some form of smart feature, that means we have more and more electronics plugged in at any given time. While we all enjoy the convenience this tech provides, the same can’t be said for the…

  • Where The Legend Of ‘Scotty From Marketing’ Began

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been called a lot of things during his time in office. From the arguably affectionate moniker ScoMo to more critical pseudonyms like SmoKo and Liar From The Shire. But there’s one that’s persisted over the past few months and he just can’t shake it — Scotty from Marketing. We…

  • How To Protect Your Eyes Against Bushfire Smoke

    As we continue to contend with smoke haze in various parts of the country, many Australians may find themselves with watery, burning, irritated or red eyes. This is caused by hazardous particles found in bushfire smoke. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the damage.