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A thrusting young buck at work recently approached me to ask for some tips on toning up. He does a lot of exercise but lives pretty generously. That means, whatever his body asks him for, he generously provides. As a result he has cultivated something of a "Dadbod" and has now decided to take action to stem the tide.


As with workouts, there is an acknowledged lack of specificity when it comes to diet and nutrition. You're better off with a set of broad guiding principles that can be applied as a base layer.

With that in mind, here is my personal meal plan and macro breakdown that will help to trim fat and build muscle - irrespective of what your specific goals might be.


It can be difficult to navigate how to lose fat while trying to sustain or even gain muscle. Fat loss and weight loss are two different things so you want to approach one differently than the other. Don't rely on a scale to measure your progress.


If you’re anything like me, sometimes you get to the gym and the sheer act of getting there is triumph enough. The workout becomes almost irrelevant. By virtue of getting up off the couch and taking 'massive' action, you’re already in credit.

But other times, you’re in an altogether different headspace and you want to train. I mean, properly train. Here are five savage workouts that will push you to your limits and beyond - both physically and mentally.


The key to maxing out the return on investment (ROI) from your gym session lies in stripping out anything superfluous. You should focus on five exercises, sometimes known as the 'Big 5'. Nothing else.