book reviews

Atlas Obscura Is The Book Every Travel Nerd Needs

By their nature, the vast majority of travel books are dry affairs packed with boring (but useful) information. Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders, the new book from the minds behind the web site of the same name, eschews this approach by being a travel book…

Food Politics Shows You How Your Sausage Is Made

Reading Marion Nestle’s Food Politics will make you feel like a speck in a universe of giants. Corporations alternately battle and collude with the United States government in chapter after chapter, spending billions of dollars to influence what the consumer chooses to put in their mouth.

How To Write Short: Master Word Craft In The Digital Age

Whether you identify as one or not, everyone is a writer. Between social networks, dating profiles, blogs and the day-to-day tasks of most jobs, writing is an essential skill. In How to Write Short, author Roy Peter Clark illustrates the value of brief, short-form writing in our technology-driven world, and…