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Get Started Birdwatching With This Free App

Now that we’ve been embracing slower, low-tech activities like puzzles, knitting and crafting, it could also be a good time to start birdwatching. It’s something you can do by yourself out in nature, or from the convenience of your own home (or even fire escape). If you’re an old birdwatching…

Enjoy This ‘Divorced Birds’ Subreddit

Enjoy This ‘Divorced Birds’ Subreddit

Divorce is hilarious! That’s why HBO made a whole show named after it (season 3 just started, SJP fans represent). It’s also why there’s a funny subreddit called r/DivorcedBirds. It explores tropes you didn’t even realise you had stored in the back of your mind about divorce, breakups, mid-life crises…