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If you want to entertain your cat, or get some juicy phone footage of your cat going nuts and peeking behind your computer screen, then play these YouTube videos of English songbirds and squirrels. Cornwall resident Paul Dinning shot hundreds of wildlife videos, in which birds (and the occasional squirrel or mouse) flit around chirping and eating seeds off a stump or fencepost.


Feeding bread to birds is a pastime as old as extra bread. But while birds are happy to scoop up your stale offerings, there are a lot of reasons why this is a bad idea.


The first time I saw a wild bird indoors, at my grandma’s house, I was so excited because I wanted to keep it. The grownups, meanwhile, were in a slight panic. Everybody in the house was in the room with the bird, gawking at it, hotly debating the best way to evict it. And the bird flapped around looking more and more terrified.


Having a pet is getting to know their personality and all their quirks, feeling like you can communicate despite not really sharing a language at all. But have you ever thought about how your beloved pet sees you, your house and all the fancy toys you've bought for it to play with? Here's how your pets see the world.


Feeding wild birds in your backyard can be an exciting yet soothing experience - especially if you have small kids in tow. However, have you ever wondered if what you're doing is legal? Here are the rules (and warnings) you need to know about.