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By the end of last year it was apparent, to me at least, that trust was the biggest issue of the year. From Facebook's annus horribilis to the government's Access and Accessibility Bill, it was clear that trust was a big xel. But this year, as we head into a Federal election and companies around the world deal with the aftermath of the trust issues we saw last year, I think the big challenge will be leadership.

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As a lover of history, I'm enamoured by photos of the past. Important moments that have been preserved through light and lenses. Some are joyous. Some mournful.

I often trawl historic images on Instagram, because my nerdom knows no bounds. So I thought I would share some incredible photographs that have captured moments in tech history, from some of my favourite accounts.


Like it or not, Microsoft is everywhere. From its origins as a super-hot startup in the 1970s to taking over the world in the 1990s to its current reinvention under CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has a long and storied history right alongside the PC itself. But how much do you really know about the company?


Microsoft founder and mega-philanthropist Bill Gates took part in his third Ask Me Anything session on Reddit earlier today, and shared his thoughts on everything from Microsoft's new Personal Agent technology to why programming is still a solid career choice. We've picked out his most pithy pieces of advice -- tips you can use even if you're not a billionaire.