best of lifehacker 2017

The Best Personal Finance Posts Of 2017

Money is confusing, and it didn’t get any easier to understand the past 12 months. There was a new tax bill, health insurance woes, and massive data breaches to contend with. Between budgeting and Bitcoin, we tried to cover as much as we could to help you understand your wallet…

The Best Sex Posts Of 2017

Art by Jim Cooke/GMG 2017 was a tough year for many of us, and what better way to get through these past twelve months than by getting it on? Here, in no particular order, are the posts that offered up some helpful tips (and blessed distraction) this year.

The Best Parenting Stories Of 2017 

We tested the plastic butt straw. We figured out how to avoid the diaper-change urine stream. We learned Snapchat. Parenting is hard work, but we tried to make it a little bit easier. Here are our best parenting stories of 2017.