best of 2011

  • Most Popular Firefox Extensions And Posts Of 2011

    2011 saw Firefox race ahead with a new version with lots of improvements — speed being chief among them — and lots more features and add-ons to fully customise your web browsing. here are our most popular Firefox extensions and posts from the past year.

  • Random Things Lifehacker Taught Me This Year

    At the start of the year, I could have told you that I’d spend quite a bit of time hunting down pricing for Android and iPhone devices, testing the speed of wireless broadband and working out ways to customise Chrome. But one of the joys of Lifehacker is that I constantly get to cover unexpected…

  • The Most Popular Evolve Posts Of 2011

    Each week, Lifehacker’s Evolve column looks at changes in technology and how they impact people who actually work in IT. Here are the most popular (and most discussed) instalments from 2011.

  • Most Popular Travel Posts Of 2011

    Our travel advice on Lifehacker covers everything from business travellers and budget backpacking, both in our Road Worrier column and in regular posts. As the end of the year rapidly approaches and your editor contemplates jumping on yet another train, here are the ten most popular travel stories from 2011.