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Digg addicts can browse the social news site on their mobile phones with newly launched DiggM8. Unlike previously mentioned Digg River or Digg Mobile, DiggM8 promises to deliver the full story quickly—it actually appears that the stories are routed through the DiggM8 server rather than on the other sites. As an avid Digg user myself, it would be nice if DiggM8 would list the number of votes every story has been given rather than numbering them from one to ten, but regardless, the service looks promising.


Personal finance webapp Mint monitors your finances for you. Enter your bank account and credit card details and Mint imports transaction data automatically and provides detailed charts about buying habits as well as suggesting how to save. Purchases are broken down by type (spending, gas, entertainment, restaurants, groceries), and Mint can alert you about any abnormal activity in your accounts. The interface is clean and friendly, and Mint looks like a clear winner in money management.


It's a phone, it's an iPod, it surfs the web, and it finds the closest restaurant serving fried calamari. If you hack it, you can install killer third-party applications. But in addition to all of that, the iPhone is also a killer remote control. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a multimedia remote with a touchscreen interface, glorious album art, and all of the fixings, but if you've already got an iPhone, you really don't need to. Today I'll show you a number of ways you can use the iPhone to remote control everything from iTunes playback to your Windows or Mac desktops.


You can remove a water stain from wood by spreading a mixture of mayo and cigarette ashes (yum) on the stain, according to the Wise Bread weblog. In addition to the mayo+ash trick, the post tackles rust, carpet, wine and teeth with homebrewed stain removers that the author claims to have worked for him. If you've had any experience with these unusual stain remedies, let's hear about it in the comments.
Secret homemade stain removers that kick butt


Mac OS X only: Wake yourself and your Mac with freeware app Alarm Clock 2. It boasts tons of features like repeating alarms, "easy wake" (the volume of the alarm slowly increases), wake to music or podcast and customisable snooze duration. The two most appealing features of Alarm Clock 2 are that it also comes with a countdown timer and a stopwatch, and that prior to activating, Alarm Clock 2 will also bring your Mac out of sleep mode. You might also want to check out the popular Mac-only alarm clock Aurora or web-based alarms ALARMD and the Online Alarm Clock. Alarm Clock 2 is a free download for Mac OS X.
Alarm Clock 2