Here’s What A Photo Pro Brings In His Backpack

Image credit: Floyd Dean/Flickr You may not succumb to the call for the latest mirrorless body or expensive lens for your vintage camera, but many people often buy products they don’t need, wallet be damned. I suffer from a case of gadget lust myself, leading me to acquire lenses useful…

What The Diamond Patch On A Backpack Is For

Many backpacks come with useful extra features, like hidden pockets, removable pouches, and key loops, but one you might not realise can actually be put to use if the diamond patch that some backpacks have on their front. Here’s what you can use it for.

The Osprey Farpoint 55 Is The Perfect Backpack For Lightweight Travel

Osprey’s Farpoint 55 backpack is really two bags in one. You get a large compartment to keep clothes and shoes in, plus a removable daypack that lightens your load once you set up base somewhere. Plus, the whole thing is small enough to count as a single carry-on bag.