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How To Safely Use A High Chair

The high chair can seem like the perfect spot to confine your baby or toddler while you’re eating a meal or trying to get some dinner prepped in the kitchen. Throw a few Cheerios on the tray and everyone is happy. But the high chair is also one of those…

How To Find Baby Gear That You’ll Use For Years 

As a first-time parent with a obsession with product ratings that I realise should be questioned, I spent an absurd amount of my pregnancy researching baby gear. I needed the most reliably secure swaddles, the perfect newborn bathtub and a musical mobile that was guaranteed to change my life.

Build Some DIY, Smart Switching Baby Monitor Headphones

Video: You can’t exactly blast your favourite tunes when you’re supposed to be listening intently to the baby monitor. This custom build from popular DIYer Ben Heck will let you listen to your music until your little one starts to make noise.