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Android: Sidebar is an application switcher that lives on the side of your screen, ready to launch your favourite apps or switch between ones already open with a single swipe. It's fast, flexible, and it lets you customise the apps in the drawer so it's not cluttered with shortcuts you don't need.


Android (4.0+): HomeFlip won't replace your default app launcher, but it comes in handy when switching between apps. Tap the home button once to bring up a custom list of your favourite apps overlaid on top of the one you're using. Tap home again to go to your default launcher.


Do you still launch applications by pressing the Windows key and searching for your app? Or perhaps you use the Start menu. App launchers are faster and more powerful than any built-in search system, and they can do a lot more than just launch apps and search for documents. Here's why you should be using one and everything you can do with it.


Whether you're tired of your stock home screen or just want to try something new, there's bound to be an Android launcher that's just right for you. This week we're going to check out our top five Android launchers for customisation, speed, design and features.


Mac OS X: I've always liked the idea of hot corners, but they don't come with a lot of different options — plus I end up accidentally setting them off all the time. CornerClick changes your hot corners to activate with a click or a long hover, so you won't accidentally activate them, while also adding tons of other actions you can perform.


Windows: There are apps that give you a dock in Windows to quickly launch applications, but Multibar does that and more. In addition to quick access to commonly used apps, the tool gives you quick access to recently modified files, smart folders based on what you've used recently, news, web search, local weather and other widgets.


One of the best things about Android is being able to customise everything about your home screen, which you do with a third-party application launcher. Android has more than one great launcher, but our favourite is LauncherPro, which finds the perfect balance between incredible performance and high customisability.