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Android (Rooted): Those of us outside the US know how difficult it can be to get hold of apps on sale in Amazon's app store (or other US-only sites such as carrier stores). Market Unlocker is an Android app for rooted devices that makes your phone appear to the Android Market and to the Amazon App Store as a US-based Verizon Wireless phone, so you can browse, buy, and download apps to your heart's content.


The Android Market web interface just got an update that brings extra filtering powers to the user reviews section, letting you filter by the device of the reviewer, the star rating they gave, and the version of the app they used.


Android: Google is rolling out a new version of the Android Market to select phones with the ability to set all apps to update automatically by default, only update over Wi-Fi, and automatically add shortcuts for new apps to the home screen so you don't have to. If you don't want to wait until the official release to get it, the APK is available now.


Google's Market for Android apps has the distinct advantage of being more open than Apple's App Store. But more users and developers are noticing the drawbacks. We're wondering where you'd like to see Google use a stronger hand in the Market.