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I have never fully understood the appeal of a bacon-wrapped scallop. Though I love both of these treasures, meaty, cured bacon is simply too aggressive for the delicate, sweet scallop. It’s self-defeating lily gilding, and I don’t like it. Plus, unless you pre-cook it, the bacon doesn’t have enough time to crisp up properly.

But a seared scallop wrapped in a ramp leaf (which is basically rollable garlic)? That, my friends, is the kind of bougie decadence this rampscallion can get behind.


I, like so many millennials, am a big fan of instant gratification, and am always looking to hack, streamline or otherwise speed up the process of cooking delicious food. There is, however, one tasty treat that is always going to take its sweet, caramelised time: The onion.


A fried allium is the perfect finishing touch. Whether on top of a medium-rare steak, a creamy potato soup, or a gooey bowl of macaroni and cheese (or like, a salad or something), fried onions, leeks, garlic and the like provide crispy texture and salty, umami-rich, slightly pungent flavour. In short, they are desirable. They also just got a bit more convenient, thanks to this microwave method from Cook's Illustrated.