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How to Turn Off Alexa’s Creepy ‘Whisper Mode’

I love my smart speaker — as much as one can ever love a piece of privacy-stealing technology that only exists to gather information about you, I suppose — but that doesn’t mean I don’t find many things about it creepy, in a dystopian sort of way. And one of…

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Use a Smart Speaker to Structure Your Kid’s At-Home School Day

One of the perks of in-person school is the structure it brings to your kids’ day: There’s a schedule for students to follow, with clear start and finish times for each period, probably marked by a bell, and possible consequences for tardiness.

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How to Use the Alexa App Hands-Free

By design, most Alexa-powered devices can be controlled entirely with voice commands right out of the box — just say “Alexa” and your Echo speaker, Fire TV or other Alexa device will respond, no button-presses or taps necessary. The rare exception is the Alexa smartphone app, which requires users tap…