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How Vacuuming Affects Your Home Air Quality

If your area has poor air quality right now, you may have heard that it’s not a great idea to vacuum your home. Then again, vacuuming is also a tool that can help get dust and allergens out of your house, suggesting that sometimes it’s a good thing. There’s truth…

How Poor Air Quality Affects COVID-19 Mortality Rates

How Poor Air Quality Affects COVID-19 Mortality Rates

Poor air quality has long been linked to increased health issues, as well as premature death. Fine particulate matter, also called PM2.5, is the term for small particles found in the air. We have long known that PM2.5 can penetrate into the lungs, causing a number of issues, such as…

How To Protect Your Pets From Bush Fire Smoke

Your pets breathe the same air you do. If you’re putting on a mask and taking precautions against bush fire smoke this summer, you should be taking precautions for your pets as well.