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With some smartphones now topping the $2000 mark and a plethora of options in the $1000 to $1500 range, it's worth noting you can still pick up a decent handset at a price that won't leave your credit card aching for months.

In fact, for $300 or less you can buy a decent smartphone. Sure, it won't boast all the latest features and the fastest hardware available - but it will run current software and keep you going for a couple of years.


Much like a pair of budgie smugglers, there's no one-size-fits-all credit card. What provides adequate coverage and comfort for one person might be totally unsuitable for somebody else.

A credit card that doesn’t suit your spending habits won't offer you the most value. Here are the warning signs to watch out for.


For a limited time, Telstra is offering SIM-only plans with 60GB of data for just $49 per month. That's one of the best deals we've seen from the telco in a long while - and a great excuse to swap providers if you're using a flakey MVNO. Here are the inclusions!


The gap between Australian and American streaming service libraries are continuing to grow, as more and more networks are moving towards creating streaming services of their own. To best get around this, many Aussies are taking to VPNs.


Want to smarten up your home in 2019? Now is the time to get started, with a couple of great deals on Amazon's various Echo devices - plus you can look out for all the associated smart home furnishings as the Christmas sales progress.


Your skin is your biggest sensory organ, so it’s worth remembering not to leave it out of your fun in the bedroom. As well as being a psychological turn-on for many people, spanking, whipping and slapping in the close proximity of your genital area helps to gets the blood flowing for bigger and more intense orgasms - so what are you waiting for?


One of the consequences of the shift from traditional hard drives towards SSDs has been shrinking on-board storage in many computers. While spinning drives are slower than SSDs, they are far more capacious and offer vastly superior bang for your storage buck. That's led many of us to look for external storage solutions and the rise in popularity for cloud storage. The Synology DS119j offers up to 14TB of external storage that's easy shared and accessible across both your local network and across the internet.


It's the last day of November which means many of us will be getting ready to start our Christmas shopping. Just looking at Facebook, Christmas trees will be getting delivered over the next few days and, once they're decorated, people will be looking for gifts to put under there.

So, what can you do to prepare for the shopping onslaught? Here are five tips.


Today, Sony Australia released a new PS VR bundle that's actually worth the money. The PlayStation VR Mega Pack contains version 2.0 of the virtual-reality headset, the PlayStation VR Camera and five full-price games for $469.95. If you're looking for a gamer-friendly Christmas gift, this is it.


About five years ago, I weighed in at 110kg - a lot of weight for a 178cm frame. I was unfit, lived a sedentary life and was on my way to many of the same health issues that claimed my father's life. These are the apps and gadgets that made a difference.