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A recent study revealed that over 50 percent of couples are more likely to get frisky while on their vacation, and it’s no surprise really. If stress is one of the biggest contributors to loss of libido, then it’s not rocket science to figure out that less stress = more sex. And isn’t that what holidays are all about?

Now, if you’re someone who likes to add a lil’ something extra to your sexytime, and are lucky enough to be travelling abroad this year for your vacation, you may want to take a sex toy with you.


While not everyone was thrilled about the fidget spinner explosion of 2017, one thing it did bring is more awareness about tactile aides for kids with ADHD, autism and other disorders, or those who may simply be feeling overstimulated and anxious. There are all kinds of items that occupational therapists keep in their tool bags to help children calm down and stay focused.

Here are five products that parents say have made a big difference in their kids' lives.


Whether you want to bungee jump off Macau Tower, swim with dolphins or catch your favourite band in concert, we bet you have a memorised list of ‘musts’ you’re dying to tick off your to-do list. But what about when it comes to sex? Even the most adventurous of us won’t have tried everything, so to help inspire your own sexy bucket lists, Lovehoney’s forum members have spilled the beans about the toys, scenarios and kinks they’re keen to explore.

Here are 52 ideas – one to try every week for a whole year!


Spanking is great. It builds anticipation, provides scintillating sensation and can amp up role play. If you’re thinking about trying a paddle, you probably know all this already and have experimented with palm spanks. (If you haven’t, you should do that first.)

If you have, indeed, sampled the delights of hand-to-butt spanks and your sub enjoys it but wants more, then a paddle is a must-have for your toy box.