• Planhacker: The Cheapest Unlimited ADSL2+ Plans

    We talk a lot about the NBN, but for millions of Australian homes ADSL2+ is still the technology that delivers us Netflix, porn and news about Donald Trump. Such is 2017. For example, my house is still at least a year from an NBN connection, but I’m also out of contract on my home broadband,…

  • How Fast Is Your Internet?

    I was having a chat with Tegan the other day about a bit of a sore point – our future internet connection. Just before we moved into our new place, the glorious address checker on the NBN told us that, yes indeed, we would be getting “fibre to the premises”. Beauty. But now that we’ve…

  • Planhacker: Every Unlimited Broadband Plan

    There was a time when unlimited broadband plans proliferated, but these days your choices if you want a truly unlimited connection are relatively limited. Planhacker rounds up what’s still on offer for NBN and ADSL2 customers.