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You might recognise Anjali Bhimani’s voice from Overwatch. You might have seen her on Broadway, or in shows like Modern Family, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Silicon Valley. And you can see her in We’re Alive: Frontier, the live-action RPG web series from Geek & Sundry and Legendary Digital Networks.

She’s also been in films, voiceover work, and even an opera. We talked to Bhimani about her wide-ranging acting experience, how she gets into character, and her incredibly busy, fan-centric schedule.


Theatre gave me a lot of things. It was a place where my weird mannerisms and silly voices became unique tools. Performing also got me to break out of my shell and stop fearing what others thought of me, which, in turn, helped me learn to accept and be myself. But most of all, theatre taught me how to empathise with others better.


YouTube stars can actually be really good people! Like vlogger Anna Akana, who makes videos about introversion, suicide awareness, racist sexual fetishes, and taking self-care beyond bubble baths and massages for an audience of over two million subscribers. She also makes short films; appears in Ant-Man, Corporate and Adam Ruins Everything; and stars in her own YouTube Red show Youth & Consequences, premiering today. We talked to her about building a career out of comedy, acting and YouTube videos.


Actor and voice coach Amy Jo Jackson has consulted on productions of Venus in Fur, Henry IV, and the Broadway production of Kinky Boots. An experienced actor herself, whose credits include The Laramie Project, Into the Woods, Twelfth Night, and The Rocky Horror Show, Jackson teaches actors and non-actors how to reduce unwanted accents or gain desired ones. We talked to her about her process, the challenge of increasing intelligibility without devaluing diverse dialects and heritage, and resources outside of personal coaching.