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If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a phone call that starts out with something like, “So-and-so (person you love) has been in an accident,” followed by a winding and twisting tale that eventually ends with, “But they’re ok,” you know the importance of leading with the good news.


You’re on a footpath, and suddenly, a driver in a Tesla hits a parked car. The car smashes the other’s side-view mirror, leaving shards in its wake. Before you have time to process what’s happened, the driver speeds off. Come back here, you filthy rascal! You won’t last long with your electric charge!


Dashcams are a very handy way to keep a record of any driving incidents, and potentially save a hefty insurance excess. In an effort to make them even more useful, DashCam app Nexar plans to use advanced AI algorithms to recognise bad drivers, and warn other road users. It’s a lofty goal, but not without a few problems.