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How to Offer Advice Without Making Someone Hate You

As humans we hate to feel helpless, so when we see someone struggling with something our instinctual response may be to offer them some advice. We also use this tactic when communicating when someone who has experienced some type of loss. It’s hard to know what to say in those…

How to Install Apple’s First-Ever watchOS Public Beta

Of all the devices to beta-test with a new operating system, the very last one on my list is my Apple Watch. I like new features, don’t get me wrong, but a buggy OS can brick your smartwatch. And since you can’t downgrade an Apple Watch, you’re either going to…

Get One Bonus Year of Updates With These Samsung Phones

When you buy a Samsung Android, you used to be able to get around two major Android updates out of them — two years, basically. After that, Samsung could not guarantee that future dessert-themed Android updates (now boring numbers) would arrive one your phone, meaning that you’d have to root…

Face Mask Size

How To Find A Face Mask That’ll Actually Fit

Around the world, face masks are becoming increasingly more common in the fight against coronavirus. Unfortunately amid all the panic buying, people aren’t taking the time to consider all the features their mask needs for optimum protection. In fact, one of the biggest issue people are facing is finding the…

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How to Stop Yourself from Overthinking Everything

Everyone overthinks a decision or situation from time-to-time, but for some it becomes an obsession and gets in the way of their ability to function. When faced with a difficult decision, for example, it’s a good idea to take the time to weigh the potential risks and benefits of your…

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Reset After the Work Day With 10 Minutes of Family Time

I have always been a disorganized parent. I remember my first baby, just a few months old, getting inconsolably cranky and I couldn’t figure out why. “Well, is it past his naptime?” somebody asked me, and I was like, wait: naps have a time?

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Ice Cream Deserves to Be Eaten From a Mug

Every day brings worse news than the day before, so let’s put our combined anxiety aside and agree on one thing: ice cream is best enjoyed when eaten from a coffee mug.

How to Run Samsung Phone Apps in Windows 10

One of the coolest announcements Samsung displayed at its Unpacked 2020 event was new functionality coming to the Your Phone app on Windows 10 that will give you full control of your Samsung device on PC.

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Download Colouring Pages From Over 100 Museums

We first shared this post in early 2019, long after the peak of the , maybe try some colouring? But like, highbrow colouring. Over a hundred museums and libraries around the world make colouring books based on their collections for the Colour Our Collections program, led by the New York…

Contact lenses and case

Why You Need to Keep Your Contact Lenses Clean

You’re rushing and accidentally drop your contact lenses on the bathroom floor. Should you: a) run them under the tap and pop them in? b) spit on them and do the same? c) use the cleaning solution your optometrist insists you use? d) replace them with new ones? e) do…

Appreciate the Miracle That Is Ice

In the 1990 film Back to the Future Part III, Christopher Lloyd’s eccentric inventor Doc Brown is flung back to late 19th century America and into an “Old West” pulled straight from the movies. When Marty goes back to rescue him, he finds Doc happily ensconced in the local community,…

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Get Happier by Rereading Your Favourite Books From Childhood

Until quite recently, I hadn’t finished a book since the end of January. In that sense, I’m not so unusual — a 2018 study from the Pew Research Group revealed 24 per cent of Americans hadn’t read an entire book, or even a portion of one, in the 12 months…

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Don’t Burn Your Kids With Instant Ramen

A hot bowl of ramen makes a delightful meal or snack for children or adults. But when we give it to kids, we might not realise that what we’re doing is handing them a bowl of near-boiling water — especially if the soup is straight out of the microwave.

How to Limit Who Can Reply to Your Tweets

iOS: Twitter users can now limit who can reply to their tweets using the iOS app — and here’s hoping this feature rolls out to Android and the web in the near future. It’s that helpful when it comes to limiting the potential for harassment on that cursed website.

Save Your Google Play Music Library Before It Disappears

By the end of 2020, Google Play Music will join the ever-growing list of dead Google products. If you’ve ever used the service to store music — one of its best features — you need to back up or transfer your songs now, because they’ll all disappear in several months’…

Find Meeting Places Halfway Between Two Addresses

When meeting up with someone, it can be hard to choose a spot halfway between the two of you for ease. For some reason, this isn’t a standard feature of Google Maps. Instead, MeetWays picks up the slack The site works exactly as advertised: enter two addresses and MeetWays will…

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Brighten Your Life With String Lights

After a couple of months in isolation, I began looking for ways to improve our living space in small ways. If I was going to have to be home all the time, I wanted to want to be here. One of the best things I did, a little thing that…

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How to Help People in Beirut After the Deadly Explosion

As the search for survivors of Wednesday’s explosion in Beirut continues, at this point we know that it left more than 100 people dead and thousands of others injured. The blast happened near the Lebanese capital’s port, though it could be felt from more than 241 km away in Cyprus,…

Everything You Missed From Today’s Samsung Unpacked Live Stream

Samsung’s Unpacked 2020 event traded in a live audience for a somewhat awkward all-digital presentation, but this year’s live stream was packed with tons of new devices and feature announcements. Here’s everything the company showed off for those who need a recap.

pandemic leave

How to Access the Government’s Pandemic Leave

‘Pandemic leave’ will now be available to any Victorian ordered to self-isolate but who does not have paid sick leave available. While only Victorians can access it for now, the Prime Minister has confirmed those affected in other states and territories may soon be eligible for the scheme as well….

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Use This Email Template to Break Up With Your Book Club

Joining a new group or activity can be refreshing. It’s one of our few opportunities as adults where there’s an opportunity to make new friends and expand our social and/or intellectual circles; it pushes us out of our comfort zone and exposes us to new people and experiences. In short,…

How to Perfect the Art of Bathing

I am very good at taking baths. Haters will say this is not a real skill, but all it takes is one bad bath to appreciate the little details that make a bath great. It’s more than hot water. It’s more than bubbles. A truly great bath takes preparation, planning,…

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Replace the Little Things That Annoy You

For whatever reason, I held on to my last nonstick frying pan for 12 whole years. I bought it in Florida, moved it to Portland and took it with me when I moved out of my ex-husband’s place. Truthfully, until about a year ago, it was working “fine,” but there…