Should I Buy a PC or Mac for University?

Yes, we’re wading into these waters this week: The classic PC or Mac debate that spawned countless, hilarious ads from Apple and John Hodgman a decade-plus ago. (I’m sure Microsoft would beg to disagree with Apple’s interpretation, but I think the entire would would agree the Zune should have never…

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How to Avoid Toxic Positivity (And Handle It When It Comes Your Way)

Even though you know they’re probably coming from a place, scrolling through your social media feed only to find an onslaught of memes and quote cards instructing us to “Choose Happiness,” or emit “Good Vibes Only” can be maddening. (Or maybe that’s just me and everyone else loves them?) And…

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Serve Your Child a Charcuterie Board Lunch

If you find yourself in a lunchtime rut with your kids (my formula for way too long has been sandwich + fruit/yogurt + something crunchy), it may be time to switch things up — with a charcuterie board full of variety.

zipper jeans

How to Fix Every Common Zipper Problem

Zippers haven’t changed much since they were first invented, and neither have the problems we all have with them. From stuck zippers to teeth that just won’t clinch, here’s how to fix all the problems you’ll run into with anything that zips.

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Keep Your Kid’s Mask on a Lanyard

Lanyards are often used to keep our most precious objects — keys, for example, or a whistle if you’re a coach or referee — safe and easily accessible. And there is nothing our kids need more now to keep safe and easily accessible than their masks. That’s why, especially if…

bacon cracker

Bacon Crackers Are a Two-Ingredient Masterpiece

I have not hosted, entertained, or partied for about six months, and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t wearing on my little extroverted heart. But the lack of other people doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy party foods — after all, I deserve to be entertained, even if…

Noisy neighbours

How to Complain About Your Noisy Neighbours Without Being a Jerk

Unless you live in a pretty remote location, chances are you’ve heard at least some sort of noise, courtesy of your neighbours. For those of us living in apartments, townhouses or other housing where everyone is in close proximity, nosiy neighbours may be something you encounter on a daily basis….

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Stop With the ‘New Teacher Challenge’

In the latest round of What the hell has happened to humanity?, there are now parents on TikTok who are showing their kids pictures of disabled people or people with diseases that affect their physical appearance. And then they are pretending these strangers are their kids’ new teachers. Because, apparently,…

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Warn Your Teens About the Benadryl Challenge

From the app that brought us the “Skull Breaker Challenge,” we apparently now have the “Benadryl Challenge,” in which young people take large amounts of the drug to trip out or hallucinate. The challenge is being blamed in the death of at least one teenager and the hospitalisation of others.

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How to Make the Most of Limited Gym Time

Maybe you have to sign up for a time slot at your gym, when you used to be able to mosey on in anytime you liked. Maybe they kick you out after an hour so they can clean. Or maybe your gym is operating as usual, but you’d rather limit…

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Wonton Wrappers Make Excellent Noodles

As you probably know, wonton wrappers are thin, delicate sheets of flour, water, and egg used to make top tier foods such as fried wontons, wonton soup, and crab rangoon (just to name a few icons). But the little squares can just as easily be dropped into simmering soups, sauces,…

eat tomatoes cooking

These Are the Best Ways to Eat Tomatoes

If you’re not yet planning all the ways in which you’ll eat some tomatoes for dinner tonight to consume their juicy, flavourful goodness, you better pick up the pace. There’s plenty you can do with a fresh, ripe tomato and we can show you a whole new world of tomato-ey…

menstrual cycle exercise

Why Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle Can Be Key to Achieving Exercise Goals

It’s pretty normal to feel full of energy for exercise some days, and as though you can’t be bothered on other days. For women, there’s a physiological explanation behind this. While men’s hormone levels do change over a lifetime, day-to-day they remain quite stable. Women, however, experience fluctuating levels of…

Google Launch The Pixel 3 XL

Thanks Google, I Hate It

Android tends to beat iOS in reviews on customisation, app selection, and cloud integration so after five years with an iPhone, I decided to put Android to the test and buy a Google Pixel. A year later, I wish I hadn’t switched. Every time my brother downloaded a new song…

exercises while brushing your teeth

Five Exercises You Can Do While Brushing Your Teeth

You spend two minutes in the morning and two at night brushing your teeth. Instead of just standing around, make even better use of that time by incorporating a few simple movements for balance, flexibility and strength. The five movements fitness coach John Sifferman demonstrates here are: One-legged stand or…

beard grooming

How To Properly Care For Your Facial Hair, From Stubble To Bushy Beards

Beards are beautiful. And thanks to iso, we’ve learned to embrace everything from a shade over stubble to full-blown, bountiful, bushy looks. Whatever your facial hair looks like though, if you don’t take proper care of it, it can go from a benefit to a burden. So before you reach…

Why You Need a ‘Pre-Orders’ Folder in Your Inbox

Here’s a fun tiny hack: When you’re moving, make sure you’ve changed the address for any services you use. That includes any online retailers you frequently shop at, which should be a pretty obvious thing when you’re presented with your old address when buying something post-move. What’s less obvious, however,…

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How to Help Protect Your Home Against Fires

Now that we’re heading into a particularly active fire season, it’s a good time for a refresher on how to help protect your home against these natural disasters. Of course, a lot of this is preparation that needs to be done well before a fire hits, but there are some…

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Set a ‘Pee-Pee Clock’ for Potty Training

There are practically as many methods out there for potty training as there are toddlers resistant to them. There’s the classic sticker-chart-and-prizes method. The messy three-day method. The annoying toy method. Even the M&M method (it’s simple: you bribe them with M&Ms). A lot of these experiences boil down to…

math meme

Is Mathematics Even Real?

While filming herself getting ready for work recently, TikTok user @gracie.ham reached deep into the ancient foundations of mathematics and found an absolute gem of a question: How could someone come up with a concept like algebra? She also asked what the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras might have used mathematics…

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No, COVID Deaths Aren’t ‘Only 6%’ of What’s Documented

There’s a stunningly wrong statistic being passed around, saying that the CDC “admitted” that only 6 per cent of documented COVID-19 deaths were actually from the virus. This is wrong, and is the kind of thing that you can only conclude if you don’t know how death certificates work. The…

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How to Help Those Impacted by the Northern California Wildfires

Coming as a surprise to no one, 2020 has also brought with it a particularly intense fire season. So even if you’re not living somewhere that could be impacted by an “extremely active” hurricane season, you’re not in the clear in terms of natural disasters occurring during a global pandemic….

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You Should Waffle Two Pieces of Pizza Together

I rarely reheat leftover pizza, simply because I love cold pizza so much. But this morning I woke up vaguely hungover, and that pair of cold, two-day-old Domino’s slices just didn’t seem that appealing. They were dry and kind of hard (I had not wrapped them up that well), and…