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Get Up and Do Some Arm Circles

Have you been remembering to get up to go for a walk every now and then? Since we talked about it last week, I’ve definitely done more walking than before, but not necessarily in the bite-sized, frequent stints I intended.

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Set Up a Potion-Making Station for Your Kids

There’s this crazy virus going around. The kids are bored with the usual puzzles, board games, books and toys. It’s time to let them brew some “potions.”

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For a Meaningful Life, Ask Yourself Who You’d Bring to a Remote Island

As a philosopher and psychological researcher specializing in the meaning of life, Dr. Frank Martela is constantly fielding questions about how to make your life more meaningful. Clearly, that’s not an easy question, but he does have a suggestion for a thought exercise that could help: Ask yourself who you’d…

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How to Keep Track of All the Potential Coronavirus Treatments

There’s still no cure for the coronavirus, but dozens of drugs and treatments are being tested against it. And you’re not alone if you’ve gotten confused about which ones are mere possibilities and which are widely understood to be useful. The science changes day by day, and sometimes a drug…

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Yes, You Should Quit Using Google Chrome

Is it time to stop using Chrome? We’re certainly ready to put the resource-hogging browser out to pasture, especially given the recent news that a hopeful fix from Microsoft for Chrome’s memory-hogging issues has been thwarted by Google itself.

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The Best Deals From Myer’s Super Weekend Sale

Online shopping can be therapeutic when done in moderation. Given the times we’re living in, we could all do with a bit of retail therapy and thankfully, Myer’s Super Weekend sale is making it possible to do it on the cheap. The Myer Super Weekend sale is offering up to…

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What’s This 13th Zodiac Sign Business

Whether you believe in them or not, Zodiac signs are big business. Despite being debunked many times over, millions around the world subscribe to the idea that their personality and personal interactions are dictated by the stars. So, when there are claims that NASA has shifted the goal posts and…

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Reduce Computer Screen Glare by Working in a Box

Inevitably, at some point in the afternoon a few days every week, my son pops into my office to ask if I’ll come work outside in the backyard while he plays in the inflatable pool. Does he ask me to do this on cloudy days? No; cloudy days are not…

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How to Start Your Own Learning ‘Co-Op’ at Home

Usually, the choices are pretty straightforward — kids either go to school to learn, or they are homeschooled. Usually, at least one of these two basic options fits with your family’s lifestyle or your child’s needs. Until this year. This year, we’re scared for everyone’s physical health if the kids…

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Update Your Amazon Echo Buds to Prevent Them From Overheating

Amazon’s Echo Buds just got an important software update that prevents an overheating problem and prolongs their battery life. However, you’ll have to summon a little courage to install the update in the first place, as your Echo Buds could overheat as part of the process.

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How to Keep Babies From Grabbing at Your Hoodie Drawstrings

There is nothing babies love more than grabbing things. And since one of the other things babies love is being held, you need to watch out for your necklaces, dangly earrings and hoodie drawstrings. Since I’m a mother of three who dresses like a 12-year-old boy, the only one of…

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Stop Buying Canned, Chopped Tomatoes

I have never understood the point of canned, chopped tomatoes. They rarely taste as good as their whole, peeled brethren, and they never break down fully while cooking, keeping their cube-like shape long after all other ingredients have turned to mush. Maybe you want hot chunks of oddly firm tomato…

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Here’s What the Law Says About Forced Face Mask Wearing

Many Victorians are now being asked to wear a mask in public if they can’t socially distance. It is possible this practice may be encouraged more widely across Australia, amid a push from health professionals to increase mask-wearing. People will of course still want to visit private spaces, including offices,…

A Bloody Mary-nade, if you will. (Photo: Claire Lower)

A Bloody Mary Makes an Excellent Marinade

Bloody Marys, Caesars and Micheladas are delicious, but they can be perplexing to one’s palate. “Is this a drink?” or “Is it a cold soup?” and “Where is the line between the two?” are just a few questions I sometimes ask myself when consuming something from this family of drinks….

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Write That Facebook Comment, Then Delete It

For years, we’ve all been trying to quit Facebook. Science tells us we should, and maybe some of us even managed to do so — at least until the pandemic dragged us back as all regular social interaction, not to mention church services and Zumba classes, moved online. Even if you…

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Washing Your Hands Is Still Important

Remember those early days of the pandemic, when the most talked-about ways of avoiding COVID-19 were washing your hands and not touching your face? Although we know more now about masks and potentially airborne transmission, I hope you haven’t stopped washing your hands.

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Understand the Cons of Living Abroad Before You Move

I’m a world traveller and a proud ex-pat, and I’ve lived outside of the U.S. for years. This means people often come to me for advice about moving abroad. One of them that comes up most often is pretty straightforward: “What are some of the downsides?” Let’s review.

Get a Free Copy of ‘Watch Dogs 2’ Before Tonight

Whether or not you tuned into Ubisoft’s latest big press event is irrelevant; you can still score a free copy of the developer’s reasonably well-liked, hacking-centric PC game Watch Dogs 2 for the low price of free. The catch? You have to claim your free game before 5pm AEST tonight,…

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The Best Unlimited Mobile Plans Between Optus, Telstra and Vodafone

Unlimited certainly is an alluring phrase. Who wouldn’t want all you can eat data? The freedom to use your phone with reckless abandon, without fear of consequences. What a wonderful world that would be. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re close. As of this week, the big three telcos…

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How to Introduce Yourself to a Dog

Dogs are the best people, so it’s only natural to want to smother them with affection when you greet them for the first time. Most of them are too nice to say it, but this is actually a terrible way to introduce yourself to a dog. Here’s a better way…

Your Child May Not Actually Be Allergic to Penicillin

It’s a fairly common scenario — an infant or young child develops an ear infection or strep throat. Their paediatrician prescribes a penicillin antibiotic. The child later develops a symptom — a rash, an upset stomach or a headache — and a doctor declares them “allergic to penicillin.” From then…

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Should You Worry About MGM’s Latest Data Breach?

A database containing the personal information of over 142 million MGM Resorts guests is for sale online. The data is being sold on the dark web for $US2,900 ($4,162), and includes sensitive guest information like names, home addresses, phone numbers and more — though no financial information appears to be…

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Watch These Brown Bears Catch Jumping Salmon

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on every single aspect of human life, it’s nice to be reminded that nature marches (or stomps, or crawls, or creeps, or swims) on regardless, unconcerned with our global upheaval. Nature is healing, the memes tell us, but really, at least something is….

Ratehacker: Australia’s Top Rates and Credit Cards in July

The new financial year is unlike any most Australians have experienced before. The pandemic’s still hitting hard and there’s an ongoing recession to get through. Having said that, some of us might be able to take advantage of the resulting low cash rates to sort out our finances. It’s been…

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How to Get Your Point Across Online, With Linguist Gretchen McCulloch

Have you ever spun out over why your friend ended that text with a period? Or missed the subtle sarcasm in an unpunctuated email? We’re clearing up all of these online miscommunications and more this week with help from internet linguist, Gretchen McCulloch. Listen in to hear Gretchen talk about…

Our Best Fridge-Cleaning Hacks

You’ve probably been cooking a lot more these past few months, with a corresponding increase in crumbs, stains and mysterious bits of vegetable at the bottom of your crisper drawer as a result. So here are some of our best tips for cleaning your fridge — and more importantly, keeping it…