Is TikTok Really Recording Everything You Copy in iOS?

Apple’s iOS 14 has a great new privacy feature that sends you a notification whenever an application inspects what’s on your iPhone’s clipboard. It’s sounds like a smart addition, but it’s also uncovered some potentially unsettling behaviour from several apps.

Homemade Breakfast Sausage Is Completely Worth the Effort

I have had a KitchenAid mixer for about 13 years — long enough for the novelty to have worn way off. Over the years, our relationship had grown stale. Tired. Loveless even. I took my mixer for granted… but all this quarantining has rekindled the romance. I’m still not baking…

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You Should Scramble Eggs in a Jar

I don’t watch a lot of food-focused television programming — because I like to spend my TV time on Star Trek — but our video producer Joel Kahn does, and he will often pass along little tips and tricks he picks up there that he thinks might interest me. Recently,…

How to ‘Unplug’ Your Kid’s Tech Addiction

The global pandemic has changed the world on a macro level, but it has also reshaped the microcosm of our family routines. Once, screen time was a special treat for my kids, saved for weekends and movie nights. Oh, but then all the schools closed. And the daycares. Suddenly, screens…

new car

Why This EOFY Is the Time to Buy a New Car

Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe or snap up a new set of wheels, savvy consumers know the end of a financial year is one of the best times to go shopping. For those hunting for their dream ride, things are a bit different this year. With a combination…

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Why You Should Never Dilute Bleach With Hot Water

Bleach makes a great disinfectant, but safety is important. You already know not to mix it with ammonia, vinegar, or alcohol, but did you know that the temperature of the water also matters?

Our Kids Are Watching How We Act Right Now

I’ve written about how to have a variety of “big talks” with our kids as they grow up — enough of them that we’ve grouped them into their own section so you can peruse them easily. Right now we, as parents, can’t afford to avoid talking with them about any…

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You Don’t Need a Grill to Make Grilled Eggplant

It’s no secret that I love eggplant and, over the years, I’ve gotten every preparation under the sun down cold — with one glaring exception. With no space at home for a grill and a strong aversion to turning on my oven, grilled eggplant has remained my culinary white whale….

Here’s How to Get Back to Limiting Single-Use Plastic With Restrictions Easing

As COVID-19 restrictions start to ease, we’re unlikely to return to our previous behaviours, from our work-life balance to maintaining good hygiene. But there are downsides to this new normal, particularly when it comes to hygiene concerns, which have led to an increase in an environmental scourge we were finally…

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How to Launch Actions in iOS 14 With a Tap on the Back

There are no sensors on the back of your iPhone for your finger to fiddle with — unlike, say, a Google Pixel, which does have a fingerprint sensor on the back — but a new feature debuting in iOS 14 allows you to tap the back of your iPhone to…

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Here Are Your Best Travel Photography Hacks

You, like me, probably miss the days of taking in the scenery on vacation and figuring out how to best capture it with your camera. But now you’re stuck at home, and your DSLR is gathering dust; your phone’s photo archive is filled with pictures of your cat. We know…

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Put a Onesie on Your Pet Instead of the ‘Cone of Shame’

If your pet has ever recovered from surgery, you’ll remember just how much they hate the Elizabethan collar, aka the “cone of shame” — that stiff plastic cone that goes around their neck, preventing them from licking or tearing out their stitches. In addition to looking uncomfortable, the cone of…

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Create a Shared Virtual Office to Collaborate With Co-Workers

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have the option of working from home are now several months into this new lifestyle. Like a lot of things, there’s the good (no commute!), the bad (competing with other members of your household for flat surfaces to use as desks), and…

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Marinate Your Chicken in Leftover Onion Dip

Some will say there is no such thing as “leftover onion dip,” but running out of chips is a very real disaster, and it can leave you with a surplus of the stuff. Last night I faced just such a crisis: Out of chips, I was left with a small…

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How to Beta Test Apple’s New OS Updates from WWDC 2020

I love a good beta. And while I wouldn’t recommend that you install a developer beta of Apple’s just-announced operating systems on your primary devices, just in case something goes catastrophically wrong, the urge to play with new features is hard to ignore.

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How to Make Sure Your Washed Face Masks Are Dry the Next Day

My new nightly ritual is to hand-wash the day’s pile of face masks in the sink (hashtag normal things we do in 2020), but if I wasn’t hanging them just so, they wouldn’t be dry the next day — and wearing a wet face mask is a definite no-no if…

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A Large Amount of a Mundane Food Is a Good Gift

My boyfriend is a tomato sauce guy. You know, the kind of guy who puts tomato sauce on a lot of things, some of which feel a little inappropriate. (It really bugs me when he puts it on mashed potatoes, for instance.) But love means accepting, even celebrating, your partner’s…

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Why Use a Regular Bowl When You Could Use a Cheese Bowl?

I love a food delivery system that is itself edible. Usually said delivery systems are employed in sweet and often ice cream-related scenarios (cones, waffle bowls), though one could argue that, when used correctly, the Bugle qualifies. But in my opinion, the best savoury edible container is one that is…

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How to Create a Bookmark That Jumps to Specific Text on a Website

Chrome: I always appreciate a good anchor link — that thing you can click on that zips you off to another portion of the very web page you’re viewing. However, Google is now one-upping this classic navigational element with a new extension that lets you create hyperlinks to specific text…

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Get Started Birdwatching With This Free App

Now that we’ve been embracing slower, low-tech activities like puzzles, knitting and crafting, it could also be a good time to start birdwatching. It’s something you can do by yourself out in nature, or from the convenience of your own home (or even fire escape). If you’re an old birdwatching…

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Watch a Livestream of the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Getting to watch the sunrise at Stonehenge on the summer solstice is one of those things a lot of people probably want to do, but few get to experience. This year, that’s definitely true — even if you live in England — because there will not be an in-person event….

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Why Can’t I Find My iPhone Photos After I Backed Them Up?

Few things are worse than finding out you’re missing years’ worth of phone photos after you thought you backed them up correctly. I get some version of the “missing photo” question a lot for Lifehacker’s weekly tech Q&A column. And I’ll keep answering these as best I can, because I…

Negotiating bills

5 Tips To Lower The Cost Of Your Bills

As the unemployment rate leaps to 6.2% among Australians, the ability to renegotiate bills has become a necessary skill as we ride out this pandemic. We’ve partnered with Bankwest to provide a series of banking no-brainers to help you better manage your money. So, to give everyone the best shot…