Ten years ago the first thing you needed to load on a brand new computer were anti-virus and malware applications. The internet was a mine field of malicious content that could infect your entire home network with one errant click. Yet things have changed dramatically. Windows has much more robust security options built in, browsers are smarter, and, hopefully, so are the users.


Amazon’s AppStream lets you run apps that are hosted on AWS through to devices running a HTML 5 friendly browser. This makes application deployment easier and allows you to deliver apps made for one platform, such as a traditional PC, to different platforms such as tablets. And while not every app is designed to be touch-screen friendly, it’s a lot easier than buying new software or redeveloping programs for the BYOD mobile world


Senior staff from the Department of Human Services told Senate estimates on March 2 that the average wait time to speak to a Centrelink operator is 14 minutes and 10 seconds. But this doesn’t match with most people’s experiences of calling Centrelink.

As it turns out, what’s not included in the reported wait time is probably more important than what is.