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Superloop’s Offering a Killer Deal On Its NBN Plans

If you’re after a new NBN plan, Superloop might be a solid option to consider right now. The telco has reduced prices across a bunch of its NBN plans, including ones offering unlimited data. So for now, you’ll be able to take advantage of a $10 per month discount for…

The 8 Best Apple Watch Alternatives of 2020

Apple has been dominating the smart watch game for some time now, but it’s not the best option for everyone. In fact, if you don’t own an iPhone then it’s of little to no use. Don’t fear, this doesn’t exclude you from the smart watch crew. There’s a whole world of watches to be discovered outside of Apple, and we’ve rounded up 8 of the best.

afl 2020 season PERTH, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 22: Luke Shuey of the Eagles passes the ball during the round 1 AFL match between the West Coast Eagles and the Melbourne Demons at Optus Stadium on March 22, 2020 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

How to Watch the AFL 2020 Season, Online and Free

The AFL 2020 season has returned after a few months of coronavirus-related setbacks. The format may be different to previous seasons but it’s still easier than ever to watch. When did the AFL 2020 season return? The AFL 2020 season returned to screens on Thursday 11 June when bitter rivals…

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How Are You Fighting Quarantine Cooking Fatigue?

When my city first started to close up back in March, I went to the restaurant supply store and loaded up on pasta, canned tomatoes, eggs, onions, several non-perishable staples and lots of hot sauce. I thought we were looking at a month or so of staying inside and I…

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How to Create a Learning Space for Kids at Home

There is a very good chance our kids will spend at least part (or most, or all) of their week learning virtually from home after the school year starts back up this fall. And although we managed to make it through the spring with makeshift learning spaces where they completed…

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Does Your DIY Face Mask Actually Work?

If a surgeon arrived at the operating theatre wearing a DIY mask they had made that morning from a tea towel, they would probably be sacked. This is because the equipment used for important tasks, such as surgery, must be tested and certified to ensure compliance with specific standards. But…

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Check on the Parking Situation for Group Holiday Rentals

It’s apparently the “winter of the road trip,” because that’s our only travel option. And for a lot of people, this means driving somewhere (likely remote) and renting a house or apartment from Airbnb or another home-share app. Ideally, you’d be travelling with the people in your “quarantine bubble,” but…

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Start a ‘Friendly Fridge’ to Feed Your Neighbours

If you’re looking for a way to support your community in these pandemic times — or if you have the luxury of having extra grocery money or leftover fruits, veggies and other ingredients that you don’t want to go bad — put them to good use by starting a free-for-all…

Why Can’t I Easily Move Text Messages from Android to iOS?

I can’t recall the last time I switched between Android and iOS for my daily driver — the phone I use for all my personal stuff, not just the phone(s) I use for various Lifehacker-related things. And while technology has come a long way, my assumption is that it’s still…

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Get Out of Your Chair and Do Some Downward Dogs

The yoga pose known as downward dog is, I’ve always thought, one of the weirdest moves that’s considered relatively easy for beginners. Any intro yoga course is going to have a ton of them. But you’re upside down, you’re stretching parts of you that don’t often get stretched and your…

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5 Delicious Whisky Options Under 100 Bucks

One hundred dollars can go a surprisingly long way when it comes to whisky. (Or is it “whiskey”? It largely depends on where it was distilled.) Whatever spelling you plump for, these five whiskies all taste amazing — and they start at just $69. Suntory Toki Blended Japanese Whisky ($72):…

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Should You Get An Electric Bike?

When I first heard about electric bikes, they struck me as the ultimate life hack. They allow you to commute relatively speedily without the hassle of public transportation, to get exercise without getting overly sweaty, to get from point A to point B without spending money on petrol. As a…

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4 Cooking Gadgets You Didn’t Realise You Needed

Congratulations fellow millennials, we’re old now! Unfortunately, that also means we now need to host extended family dinners in our tiny, tiny kitchens. But never fear, the wonders of modern technology mean we don’t need as many appliances to get the same result as our parents did, and we can…

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Can You Actually Exercise Too Much?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us reevaluate our health and take up new exercise regimes. Running and cycling have become increasingly popular as activities that can be carried out by most people without much equipment, while observing social distancing. There are, of course, a wealth of benefits to…

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How to Block a Song You Hate on Alexa

Excerpt from my pandemic diary, day 132: “The kids asked Alexa to play ‘Roar’ 53 times today. I can feel my sanity slipping. I fear what I may do if I cannot make the Katy Perry stop.” If this situation sounds all too familiar to you — or if you’re…

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What I Learned From Four Months of Lifting Outdoors

Ever since gyms closed in March, I’ve been working out at home. And since my house doesn’t have a suitable place for many of the exercises I like to do, I’ve mainly been lifting outside. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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Dip Vegetables Into Ramen Powder

When you think of “dipping” foods you probably imagine dunking them into a bowl of creamy, often umami-forward dip. This is usually done to make chips even more indulgent and vegetables more exciting, but you don’t necessarily need a sour cream base to accomplish the latter. All you need is…

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It’s Even More Important to Get Your Flu Shot This Year

I told you all in January: if you’re worried about the coronavirus — at that point it hadn’t spread around yet, but people were already freaking out — use that nervous energy to get off your butt and get your damn flu shot. Now that COVID-19 is here to stay,…

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The Best Grilled Chicken Marinade Has Just Two Ingredients

As much as I love a less-than-mainstream cut of meat, I cannot deny myself the simple pleasure of grilled chicken thighs, particularly if those thighs have been marinated in yogurt and garlic salt — a most perfect poultry marinade.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Australia’s Budget and Debt Update

Australia is living through the biggest economic and social disruption since the second world war. Thursday’s budget update provides a stark reminder of just how big the economic and budgetary fallout really is. If you don’t have the appetite to wade through the 180-page economic statement, here are the five…

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Take These Free Digital Cooking Classes With Your Kids

A couple of months into the pandemic, my 9-year-old son looked at me and said, “Maybe I’ll get into cooking.” He’s helped me bake since he was a preschooler but we’d never really cooked together because weeknights were always so rushed with school and work and activities. Not so much…

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Why You Can Smell a Fart Through a Mask

As that anti-masker having a tantrum in a Panera pointed out, you can smell a fart even though it passes through the fabric of your pants. Her point seems to be that fabric cannot block air, and thus masks cannot block things that are carried in air. She’s wrong, but…

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Build an ‘Oh, Shit’ Block Into Your Schedule

If you’re working from home with kids during These Times, you’ve probably already read 379 articles with tips for how to continue doing so while also staying sane. They tell us to lower our expectations. To take advantage of early mornings or late nights. To ask for help, to practice…

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Flavour Your Mayo With Sad, Wilted Herbs

One of my hobbies is buying too many herbs and then watching watching them wilt, dehydrate or mush out in the fridge, depending on how I’ve (incorrectly) stored them. Would placing my cilantro in a jar of water extend its life? Yes. Am I going to do that? You know…

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13 Insider Tips on How to Wear a Mask Comfortably

After midnight tonight, wearing face masks will be mandatory for people in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire when they leave home. It’s also recommended in New South Wales when physical distancing isn’t possible. This means many Australians will be wearing a face mask for the first time. Yes, wearing a mask…

How to Grow Microgreens Indoors All Year Around

You don’t need a backyard garden, a massive balcony or a courtyard to grow your own plant babies. In fact, having a row of neatly potted microgreens inside your home might be an easy fix for anyone who has limited space, lacks a green thumb or doesn’t want to splurge…

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Make Truly Terrific Avocado Toast With ‘Nduja

In spite of my elder millennial status, I’ve never been crazy about avocado toast. (And yet I still rent!) It’s fine — there’s nothing wrong with it — but I usually prefer scooping the avocado directly from its leathery peel into my mouth with a spoon.

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How to Record Your Android or iPhone’s Screen

Screen recording features are great for guiding tech-challenged family members through using their new smartphone, capturing in-game footage, collecting evidence when reporting bugs and more. However, not all devices let you record your screen equally or easily.