I was having a conversation with an old work friend yesterday. Both of us used to be fast food addicts. There was a McDonalds underneath our workplace and we'd eat lunch there everyday.

"I can't eat that crap now," he told me. "It makes me feel like crap."


It's an annual tradition for parents all across the country. The Christmas holidays start to wind down. They get a letter from school about their student's enrolment. They start seeing hints of "back to school" at the store. The kids are dressed in clothes that are almost too small and worn from a summer of play. It's time to start thinking about going back to school.


From February 1, 2018 all products that contain codeine will only be available for sale in pharmacies with a prescription. This means you won’t be able to buy brands like Nurofen Plus, Panadeine or Panadeine Extra over the counter at your local pharmacy without a prescription from your doctor.

Three claims have been used to justify pulling codeine from sale without a prescription - and they're all wrong


Vegetarian and vegan cooking should celebrate vegetables rather than forcing them into a meat-shaped box. I'll take "oh damn, I didn't know I liked eggplant" over "this is surprisingly tasty, but I'd rather eat real bacon" any day of the week.


It's official: prices for solid states drives are bonkers -- in a good way. Especially if you can get one at a discount. Take this eBay deal for a 2.5" 500GB Samsung 850 EVO. Normally $400 (the RRP anyway), it can be yours for the scrumptious figure of $188 delivered.


A man trying to fly from Iceland to England was recently denied boarding for wearing all of his clothing at once in an attempt to avoid a checked bag fee. This is a terrible attempt at a travel hack. He claims that the gate personnel said it would be OK beforehand, but even if they had let him board, he would have been miserable. Please don't try to do this, people.

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Your phone has one, your laptop has one, and you've got a smart one in the corner of your room telling you the weather - but what makes a good speaker different from a so-so speaker? Why you might consider upgrading the audio capabilities of your TV or computer, and what should you look for if you do?


Apple's ARKit for iOS 11 makes it relatively easy for developers to take advantage of the company's augmented reality features, and gives consumers the opportunity to interact with a virtual world layered over your actual environment. Augmented reality games are certainly the flashiest way to demonstrate its many uses, but some of the best augmented reality apps aren't games at all. These AR tools for iOS empower you with the tools you need to establish some sense of order in your home, plan for the future (in terms of what couch you're going to buy this spring) and get started on some home improvement projects without lifting a hammer.


Should your dog sleep in bed with you? It's a contentious question. Even a small dog can take up a lot of bed space, and some trainers will say that having your dog sleep in a crate or in their own bed sets an important boundary that helps their behaviour. But on the other hand: the snuggles.


Do your relationships always end in heartbreak? You're not alone. Around 35 per cent of Australian marriages end in divorce - and that's just couples who manage to tie the knot. When you factor in dating couples and de facto relationships, the percentage of breakups is much, much higher.

The good news is that scientists have been studying what makes couples happy using actual science. This infographic from Happify breaks down their chief findings, from optimum positive/negative interaction ratios to the importance of communication.


In this episode we discussed cults: How they operate, how you identify one, what it's like to be in one, and how to get out. To that end, we spoke with author Rebecca Stott, whose book In the Days of Rain: A Father, a Daughter, a Cult details her childhood in the Exclusive Brethren, a cult that believed the world is ruled by Satan. We also talked to Rick Alan Ross, the founder and Executive Director of The Cult Education Institute. And we talked with Elizabeth Yuko, a bioethicist and journalist who's written extensively about cults.


The only thing more divine than floating around in a pool on a hot summer's day is floating around in a pool with a refreshing beverage. But once you're settled in your doughnut shaped floatie, the last thing you want to do is get out to refresh your beverage. Luckily, The Kitchn has a cheap and easy solution for this summertime sadness: All you need is some pool noodles.


Before you have kids, the beach is easy. You amble down with nothing but a towel and a bottle of water; maybe you bring an umbrella and stick it in the sand with the ease of Zeus tossing a thunderbolt. Sun protection is a big hat and a dab of sunscreen. But once you procreate? Hannibal crossed the Alps with less effort and gear than it takes to get kids to the shore.