When my husband and I had our first child several years ago, we felt financially prepared. We had to dip into our savings for fertility treatments and related medical expenses, but I was steadily freelancing as a writer and editor to supplement the loss. Our bank account was in solid shape when our baby boy was born. We were a little family of three.

A few days after our son's first birthday I took a pregnancy test, assuming it would be negative. It wasn't. It was a wonderful surprise, but this time our balance sheet wasn't looking so good. We were in the middle of home renovations, and our savings had taken a dive due to unforeseen renovation extras. Here are five lessons I learned to help cut down on the costs of bring a parent.


Back in 2013, an irate motorist in Adelaide attempted to pay his traffic fine with nothing but loose change. The video of the incident went viral and online debate raged over whether the council was entitled to refuse the payment.

As we explained at the time, there are legal restrictions when it comes to paying for goods and services with coins - but how many is too many? This video has the answer.


Whether you're married, dating or single, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to score cheap discounts as online merchants look to capitalise on the day of love. From free premium Porn Hub access (no, really) to 150 half-price restaurants, these are the best deals you can buy right now.


Watching television over the weekend, I came across one of those "gold is the only real investment" commercials. Since 2008, though, gold has not been a very good investment. But people fall for these commercials all the time.


Whether you're a console collector, a casual gamer or a parent on a tight budget, the Xbox 360 video game console is an excellent investment to make. While supplanted by the Xbox One, the machine is still being supported and there are thousands of affordable games to choose from. For a limited time, you can buy the console from EB Games with Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops II for just $99. Bargain!