Today is not a great day if you are a horse, but it is a great day if you are after free Slurpees, coffee or money! Yes, it's November 7, 7/11, and this year 7-Eleven are celebrating by offering freebies with any purchase. Plus they're also giving away $711 every hour.


Self service checkouts are a great invention. Sure, they may have taken a few jobs away but gone are the days where you have to make idle chit-chat with a not so fresh-faced teen while they slipped groceries into a planet-destroying plastic bag. Now, you can do it all yourself! Scan, bag, pay and leave.

Which means the system is rife for exploitation.


Parking in the city can cost a lot of money, especially if you’re doing it five days a week. Not all urban centres have great on-street parking, but for those that do, there is a relatively straightforward way to get around those parking fees and you only need a scanner and some image manipulation software.

Making your own parking ticket.


Melbourne Cup 2017 is almost upon us. Some people will be planning to watch live at Flemington Racecourse. Others will be crowding around their office TV. Either way, it's a perfect excuse to buy some fancy new threads for the occasion. We asked our colleagues at ShopStyle to share their personal race day fashion picks for guys 'n' gals. Here are their recommendations!


A great phone case is the ideal antidote to life's inevitable phone-destroying surprises. The iPhone X comes in at a cool $1500-plus, depending on the model and although there are plenty of other things you could spend that kind of money on, if you're going to splash out and grab the X then you want to make sure you're protecting it, but you also want to save a bit of cash.

But which iPhone X case is right for you? Here’s some of our recommendations.


If you've been tempted to get in on the blockchain currency racket, first read tech writer Mark Frauenfelder's story of losing access to $US30,000 ($39,186) in bitcoin. Ask yourself if you could handle the stress of trying to guess a seven-digit PIN, knowing that every time you guessed wrong, your money would get locked away for hours, then days, then years. Ask yourself what you'd do if your investment paid off tenfold, only to disappear in a fire.


Tigerair are offering two-for-one domestic flights across Australia, which means you can purchase one fare and get the second fare for free. If getting in a giant metal box with wings and travelling across Australia is on your agenda any time soon, then this Tigerair deal is worth considering.

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It's the future. Not now, but ten years from now. All of these amazing quantum computing advances spurred on by our beloved Australian scientists have made super-fast super-tiny quantum computing the norm.

Aaaaaand it's left your squillions in Bitcoin vulnerable to attack. Clearly someone needs to do something about this, now.


Apple’s new flagship, the iPhone X, has just dropped and this seems to be what Apple fans were waiting for. While the 8 and 8 Plus might be considered much of the same, the new features in the X make it a hot ticket product. A new look, new tech and power to burn doesn’t come cheap though – the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever. But if you buy it outright and find yourself a great prepaid plan, you can save yourself some serious cash.

We’ve compared the prepaid and post-paid plans on offer to get you the best price on the iPhone X.


Searching eBay requires faith -- faith that the seller listed their item with the same keywords you'd use to describe what you want. Sometimes you have different ideas of what constitutes "turquoise." Sometimes you have a picture of what you want but don't know the name for a certain style. Well, now that picture is all you need.

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If you don't use a hell of a lot of data on your phone -- maybe you're on Wi-Fi all the time, or maybe you're just careful -- it can be hard to find a cheap mobile plan. Amaysim has always been a reliable go-to, but its lowest-priced plans have become even cheaper -- as little as $10 a month.


The worst thing about going on a holiday is that you have to come back eventually. Jetstar are trying to take the sting out of that proposition by offering free return flights domestically and to international destinations including New Zealand, Hawaii, Vietnam and Thailand.

Yeah. Free return.


"Phone season" is well and truly in swing, with many of this year's big devices now available. There are a few more yet to be come, but a plethora of new phones is the perfect time for telcos to fight over customers looking to upgrade. This has led to some shakeups in the plan space, with plenty of new big data options.