Hey Lifehacker, how healthy do you think those $4-5 Vietnamese pork rolls are? They're so cheap and delicious, I wonder if the salads counteract the white bread and salty meat enough to justify having them several times per week.


My girlfriend and I make a lot of rice when we cook. The trouble is, she likes brown rice for health reasons and I like white rice for yummy reasons. I know brown rice is supposed to be "healthier" than white rice, but is it so much healthier that I need to make the switch?


Some people exercise solely to improve and maintain an already-fabulous physique. Others just want to make their bodies look presentable by shedding visceral fat.

If you're looking to get your BMI down as quickly and efficiently as possible, this explainer from an exercise physiologist will help to steer you in the right direction.


Man, this last couple of weeks has seen a veritable tsunami of sexual-harassment allegations, right? And while some of the accused are silent or flat-out denying any culpability, others have been swift to apologise.


The cautionary reports seem to resurface every year just before Halloween: "Don't let your little ghouls and boys be tricked - with poisoned sweets that could kill them! Stay tuned for the full story on News at 11." I've heard the same warnings ever since I was a kid trying to breathe through a plastic Big Bird mask.


Halloween is taking off in Australia, and with it come the sweets. Lollies are either the best or second-best part of a kid's Halloween, depending on how much they love costumes. But what do you do when your kid brings home mountains of gut-busting, tooth-rotting sugar? Here are your options for shrinking the pile without sucking all the fun out of the holiday.


Here's a cool thing. When you're sick, or allergic, or something flies up your nose, and you spasm and expel mucus, it's polite for anyone around you, including complete strangers, to call attention to it. In English-speaking countries they say "Bless you," in most of Europe they say "Health."

In almost every culture, the polite response is "Thank you." As in "Thank you for calling attention to my embarrassing bodily function." As in "Thank you for making me thank you while I'm probably still dealing with how something inside me is now outside me." As in, "Thank you for alerting me that for the next three months, I'll be having impromptu two-line conversations with strangers, because my body thinks flowers want to kill it."


Whether you're powering through your last mile or taking a relaxed walk around the block, most of us rely on the power of music to carry us through our athletic endeavors. But nothing pulls us out of the zone faster than having our earbuds get tangled up and yanked out of ears. Thankfully, you can end your cable-catching woes with FRESHeBUDS' new Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds, and they're on sale for 75% off!

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A startup called Mother Dirt has developed a “AO+ mist” — a spray containing a type of bacteria called AOB that you put on your skin, which may restore it to a natural, healthier state. If the company can be believed, the spray renders traditional "hygiene-obsessed" routines unnecessary.

To test its veracity, I attempted to forgo showering or bathing for a whole week. Here's what happened.


We all know it's a bad idea to use electronic screens directly before bed. (Despite this, most of us do it anyway -- those Netflix shows aren't going to watch themselves, right?) The artificial light emitted by laptops, tablets and smartphones has been linked to disrupted sleep alongside a variety of more serious ailments. But is it actually dangerous? The evidence in this infographic makes for some scary reading...


There's nothing like hitting the beach or the pool on a hot day and soaking in some rays -- that is until you get home and realise what you've soaked in is an epic sunburn. Sunburns suck, take way too long to get rid of and can make you the joke of the office come Monday when you show up looking like a lobster.