Adobe's venerable Flash extension is, slowly but surely, going the way of the dodo. HTML5 is quickly replacing it in every corner of the Web with faster, quicker-loading and more lightweight tools that are responsive across desktop and mobile devices. But there's an argument for preserving Flash on the 'net.


Back in March, Dropbox made the decision to remove Public Folders for free users and in October, made it impossible to use HTML content in shared links. Dropbox will continue this lockdown next year, when it shuts off Public Folders for paying users also.


Enterprise hardware and software giant Oracle is hiring 200 additional staff for a digital sales hub in Sydney, Australia. The company is looking for digital sales professionals to help woo mid-sized organisations that are looking to transition to the cloud. Here's are the details.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now buy software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions through the AWS Marketplace. The software on offer runs on a pay-as-you-go consumption model with no recurring costs and services that are used will be billed on a customer's AWS bill. There are a number of SaaS and API products on offer. Here's what you need to know.