This is one of those pranks for someone who's enough of your friend to not murder you afterwards, but also kind of deserves a little pain. The Mimic script changes characters in a code file to alternative characters that look the same to human eyes, but completely screw up the syntax. I pity the victim.


Are you about to break up with someone? Or worried you'll be on the receiving end? Modern philosopher Alain de Botton's Youtube channel, The School of Life, has gone through some of the typical relationship death throes before settling on one major tip that benefits those who mightn't have seen it coming: Be a dick.


With digital productivity tools coming out every day, it can be hard to keep track of your tools to keep track. Many are opting out and going old school for their to-dos and time management with a "bullet journal". I tried it for three months and this is what I learned.


Dear Lifehacker, I work in a call centre and always have bits of spare time between my calls. It adds up to a lot of time wasted per day but the time between calls isn't huge. Are there any things I can be doing to further myself in this time? Maybe learning a language? I'd be interested in what ideas you guys might have!


It seems like everyone has different head canon for the word "dude". Did it come from England? Was it about drifters in the Wild West? Thanks to a 2013 study, we have a better idea.


The recent United Airlines debacle shows the worst side of overselling flights. There's the grossly oversold flights to begin with, the complete refusal to entertain any thought of the airline taking a hit as a result of its stuff-up, and then the heinous communications afterwards. But it doesn't have to be that way. There's a smart way to do it, and it's a method that can benefit many other businesses as well.


At the recent F8 conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked a big game about augmented reality -- and while Facebook might be catching up in this space, its new strategy of open developer tools could see it become a leader. The tools are available starting tomorrow.


Med School Insiders has a video on getting enough sleep while dealing with the very demanding schedule of someone early in their medical career. It's a field notorious for early starts and long hours, so what's successful for them is probably worth listening to for anyone needing a little more spring in their step.


Anyone who has been looking for a job remotely connected to development will have seen an excess of "scrum" or "agile" roles being advertised. Here's an infographic explaining the process that many startups have adopted.


Dear Lifehacker, I keep getting signal drop outs several time a day on my TV. It only seems to affect Channel 9. This has been going on for months. The drop out is long enough that when it returns, the programme has already moved on so you miss the plot - very annoying when watching a whodunnit! Do you have any idea what could be causing is and how I might be able to fix it?


Gamemaker 2 has been out for a few weeks, and we've all had a decent enough chance to play around. There's a lot to the engine, and I'm very much an intermediate user whose has learned just enough to make the games I want to make, so I'm by no means across everything. Hopefully my experience with the upgrade can be illuminating for others.