Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is a writer who lives in Kansas City, Missouri. He is the author of Cookies & Beer, and Stock, Broth & Bowl, and LEGO: A Love Story.
  • Host ‘Theme Weeks’ For Your Kids At Home

    At this point in the pandemic, your kids are likely missing school and you’re definitely missing the time when your kids used to go to school. The days are all blending together now, and school was able to switch things up in a way we couldn’t fully appreciate before. But you can take a page…

  • The Potato Skin Casserole Is A Cheesy Masterpiece

    Potato skins are the weighted blankets of the food world—warm, comforting, and just heavy enough. And yet, we seem to have forgotten the appetiser that propelled TGI Friday’s into the global consciousness three decades ago. Potato skins—the bedrock of bowling alleys and dive bars—are an endangered species.

  • How To Get Work Done When Your Kids Are Home

    Everybody has a plan for working from home right up until the moment your kid wakes up with a runny nose and a slight fever. At that point, many parents will tell you it’s just about getting through the day. But sometimes, with the right mindset and tactics, you can have it all.