Anna Lee

  • How To Clone Your Willy

    How To Clone Your Willy

    Ever struggled to find the perfect gift for your partner? The answer has been around for years — the Clone-A-Willy casting kit.

  • Why Your Man Needs A Sex Toy

    If you’re reading this, it’s quite possible you have – or at the very least, someone you know has – tried a sex toy. And of course why wouldn’t you? They’re great. You might use yours every day or only break it out as a birthday treat, either way it’s likely to give you some…

  • Four Cutting-Edge Toys For Adventurous Lovers

    We’re often told technology has no place in the bedroom. And while that may be true for using our smartphones or tablets just before bedtime, when it comes to sex, it’s a very different story. Technology and sex toys go hand in hand. More and more advances in the sex toy world have allowed people…

  • A Couple’s Guide To Bondage Play

    While for many people the idea of bondage conjures up images of a man or woman chained to a bedpost, possibly by some fluffy pink handcuffs, bondage is about a lot more than that. Though the aspect of being tied up – or doing the tying – is a big, and fun part of bondage,…