Make Your Dream DIY Shelves With This $8 Kmart Product

Make Your Dream DIY Shelves With This $8 Kmart Product

If you’ve ever rented and wanted to put up a row of shelves in a room in your home, you’ll know how difficult it is finding the right shelves that fit your home aesthetic. Well, with a wooden shelf from Kmart, some plywood, some paint and a drill, you can easily make your own version, and at your desired size too. 

Artist and photographer, @bobbilockyer (Bobbi Lockyer) is currently renovating her own home, and shared with her followers how she made her own elongated, decor shelf from some plywood and some $8 wave shelves from Kmart. 

A Kmart Wave Shelf turned into a shoe rack

Bobbi’s followers were excited at having a new project to try out at home and noticed how simple it was.

One person wrote “that came out so GOOD! 💜” while another noted that “this is responsible for no wave shelves left at my nearest Kmart I swear 😍🔥”

Other creators have used the same shelves from Kmart to add a bit of character to their home. TikToker @thehystyled (Brooke) bought two from Kmart and drilled them into a little corner nook in her nursery.  

Like Brooke you can mount these straight into the wall, however Bobbi specified in the comments of her Instagram video that she didn’t do this because it was too difficult. 

“It was a whole drama for me because I couldn’t get it into the stud and have it fit so needed to improvise. 

“This makes it 10x more sturdier.” 

What you’ll need

If you want a bigger, longer shelf like Bobbi’s, these are the things you’ll need:

  • Some Wave Shelves from Kmart (how many depends on how big of a shelf you want to create)
  • Some plywood 
  • A drill
  • Some paint (optional)

Directions for your DIY shelf:

Before you start buying what you need, you might want to envision where this shelf is going to go and roughly measure out the space. One Wave Shelf measures 60cm in width, so make sure you have enough space width wise.

Once you decide how long you want the entire shelf to be, measure your wall to decide how many Wave Shelves from Kmart you’ll need. Each shelf is 8cm in height so measure out the hypothetical shelves on your plywood to see how many you might need.

You’ll also want to purchase a plywood piece that is 60cm in width by however high you want the entire shelf to be. 

How to put it together

  1. Build your Wave Shelves. Follow the instructions from Kmart on how to do so.
  2. Measure and mark out where the shelves are going to sit on your plywood board. If you choose, you could also sand the plywood but this is optional.
  3. If you choose to, paint your plywood your desired colour. You might want to prime the wood beforehand. 
  4. If you choose to, paint your shelves a colour of your choosing. 
  5. Mount your shelves on your plywood board (hot tip: the shelves come with an inbuilt metal bracket and screws for mounting). There are two ways you can mount these shelves. In her video, Bobbi turns them upside down and uses the base as her shelf rather than the concave side. 
  6. If you choose to, you can now attach your shelves to the wall. 
  7. Start decorating your shelves! In her video Bobbi showcases two ways you can use these: as a decorative shelf, adding a pot plant, some books and picture frames. Or as a shoe rack!

Lead Image Credit: Bobbi Lockyer/Instagram

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