This $13 Kmart Product Will Refresh Your Kitchen on a Budget

This $13 Kmart Product Will Refresh Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you’re looking to change up your kitchen splashback, prepare for an intricate step-by-step process that could involve a chisel, safety goggles, grout and retiling. If you’re looking to change up your splashback and want something quicker, easier and even rental-friendly, there are simpler and (more aesthetically pleasing) DIYs that you can do, thanks to Kmart.

Lifestyle creator @ourhomeinthehills (Kim) shared how she spruced up her caravan’s kitchen splashback using these $13 Kmart Vinyl Floor Tiles. They might be floor tiles but the way Kim’s used them makes it look like she’s moved into a whole new kitchen

According to Kmart these are resistant to water, oil, normal kitchen temperatures and mildew. They are self-adhesive and don’t require any grouting so you could have a new kitchen splashback in less than a day. 

How to turn Kmart’s floor tiles into a new kitchen splashback

Before you get started you’ll want to measure the area of your splashback to decide how many ‘tiles’ you’ll need. Each pack from Kmart comes with eight tiles and they measure 30cm by 30cm. 

If your splashback area is not flat, is chipped or is on a porous surface such as sand, cement or other particles, it is worth noting that this might protrude through the vinyl tiles. If you can, you might want to flatten this surface as much as possible before you stick these tiles down. 

What you’ll need

  • Several packs of Kmart’s Vinyl Floor Tiles
  • Scissors or a blade
  • Pen or marker

How to assemble your new vinyl tiles

  1. Clean your splashback area with some soap and water. Make sure you wipe it dry before you begin sticking your tiles down.
  2. Starting at a corner, start sticking your tiles down. To install, peel off the back and stick them down. Make sure you fit them neatly into the corner of your splashback so there is no area uncovered. 
  3. There will be sections where you might need smaller portions of the vinyl tiles, such as the plug socket.. For these sections, measure out the portion of the vinyl tile you won’t need and mark this area with your pen. Cut this portion out and proceed to stick your tile down. 
  4. Once all your tiles are stuck on, give them a firm press against your splashback to ensure they are completely stuck to the wall. 
  5. And voila you are done! To clean your new splashback you can wipe these down with a damp cloth and some detergent. To remove, start from the corner and gently peel them off. 

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Lead Image Credit: @ourhomeinthehills/TikTok


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