5 Things You Should Do When Boiling an Egg (But Probably Aren’t)

5 Things You Should Do When Boiling an Egg (But Probably Aren’t)

I’d say I’m an expert at making scrambled and fried eggs, but boiled eggs? Not so much. Every time I make them, I overcook them so the yolk inside is just crumbly and dry. Yuck. So I became determined to master the art of cooking the perfect boiled egg, and I think I got it. 

So here are some of the best tips and tricks we found on how to make a perfect boiled egg (depending on how you like it of course).

Make Sure Your Eggs Are Cold

Getting eggs straight from the fridge stops the egg whites from getting runny when boiling them, and avoids that rubbery texture we sometimes get from the yolk. 

Don’t Crack Them!

Slowly put the eggs in the boiling water with a slotted spoon for ease. Once the cold eggs are in the pot, reduce the temperature slightly (with the water still bubbling) to make sure the eggs don’t crack in the pot from the movement.

Cool Them Down

When the eggs are cooked, put them in a bowl of cold water for about 10 minutes to cool them down. 

The Secret Ingredient… Vinegar

If an egg does crack in the pot, having a teaspoon of vinegar in the boiling water could help the egg whites from coming through if this does happen.

Timing Is Everything

So making the perfect eggs really depends on how you want them cooked. Here’s a rundown on how long to cook boiled eggs for your perfect consistency. 

  • Runny Eggs – 3 minutes (you can’t peel these types of eggs!)
  • Soft Yolk – 6 minutes
  • Hard Boiled – 8 minutes

Remember, whatever you do, don’t cook them past the 10 minute mark, or you’ll get that rubbery texture we‘re trying to avoid. Unless you like your eggs that way, who’s to judge!

Your eggs are now ready to eat!

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