6 Reasons to Ditch Google Maps for Waze

6 Reasons to Ditch Google Maps for Waze

If you use your phone’s navigation apps a lot, then you’ve probably spent a good deal of time with Google Maps, or even Apple Maps; both offer solid navigational experiences. But Google’s other navigation app, Waze, also continues to receive new updates that make it extremely worthwhile for some trips.

If you live in a busy urban area, then Waze might be your best option, thanks to its crowd-sourced data. And 2024 updates to the Waze app aim to make that data even more useful. Here are six impressive features:

Better directions for navigating roundabouts

One of the most useful new updates is an improvement to how Waze handles roundabouts. While these traffic circles might be handy for mitigating traffic congestion, they can be really confusing for drivers using navigation apps. Now, Waze will tell you exactly which lane to choose when you enter the roundabout so that you won’t miss your exit.

Better speed limit notifications

Waze is also adding a better way to keep up with shifting speed limits. It can be easy to miss speed limit changes, especially when you’re traveling in urban areas where it happens a lot. Now, Waze will provide up-to-date information about where speed limits change, including providing clear markers of the new speed along your route.

Better alerts for emergency responders

Google is also adding new alerts to help you keep up with first responders, which the company says should help keep them safe along your routes. The update will show you a marker of where an emergency vehicle was reported; you can confirm that its still there or tell others that it has since left. This feature is only available in a few countries right now, but Google is looking to expand it.

Better parking information

Waze is hoping to improve how you find parking during your travels, too. Now you’ll be able to look at more in-depth information about parking garages, including what they cost, whether they have wheelchair access, if they have valet options, and even if they offer EV charging. Google teamed up with Flash to to make these updates happen, and its slowly rolling out to major cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Better information about road hazards and local conditions

Finally, Google and Waze say that the latest update will give you alerts about road hazards like bad weather, railroad crossings, and potholes, to help you “navigate like a local.” Given how active the Waze community is, the result should be more helpful information in places with lots of Waze users. Waze will likewise offer better information about traffic conditions and the causes of delays.

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