This $15 Kmart Item Will Boost Your Kitchen Storage Space

This $15 Kmart Item Will Boost Your Kitchen Storage Space
Contributor: Juna Xu

Trying to organise all your utensils, appliances and tableware in a small kitchen is not only frustrating, but your space can end up looking even more cluttered. Thankfully, the genius DIYers on Facebook have come to the rescue, alerting us to a genius Kmart kitchen storage hack that will maximise the little storage space you have — without having to fix anything to your walls.

According to the Facebook group Kmart Hacks and Decor, many people have created extra storage in their kitchens by investing in Kmart’s 3-Tier Floor Caddy and a piece of wood from Bunnings

One member of the group, Veronica Guerra, shared a picture of her DIY shelving unit, whereby she placed two of the Kmart caddies on either end of where she wanted the shelf to go, then balanced a plank of wood across the top tier of the caddies. 

“I don’t know who started this trend, but oh my god, I’m obsessed,” Guerra wrote. “We couldn’t drill a shelf as we have gas behind the wall.. purchased 2 of the Kmart 3 Tier Floor Caddy and a piece of wood from Bunnings, and there you have it!”

And because this solution doesn’t require any drilling or glue, it can be easily removed, dismantled and moved around if needed. (Even more perfect for renters, right?) 

Several members of the group commented in amazement at Veronica’s Kmart storage hack post. 

One person wrote: “OMG. I love this group!!!! I was looking for something to get me a bit more shelving on my desk without fixing something to the walls. Project coming soon.”

Another person simply added, “I can’t wait to do this hack.”

Each Kmart caddy costs $17, and planks of wood start at around $20 (depending on the length and type you choose), meaning the total cost of the genius ensemble will come in at under $100. 

kmart kitchen storage
Credit for Facebook image: Veronica Guerra

But even if you don’t end up purchasing the wood, the Kmart Caddy alone will do wonders for your storage problems — in the kitchen and beyond. With a 4.7-star rating online, buyers have been quick to voice their appraisal of the item. 

“This is a good space saver, easy to move when cleaning, lots of space with the three shelves, great value, very strong and sturdy being metal,” a five-star reviewer wrote. 

Another person who bought it for their bathroom commented: “Great addition to a small bathroom! Top shelf holds 1-litre bottles of shampoo and conditioner. The 2nd and 3rd shelves are for smaller bottles/toothpaste, shavers, or could use to store bathroom essentials.”

How to make budget-friendly storage shelves using the Kmart Floor Caddy

What you’ll need for your Kmart storage solution:

  • 2 x Kmart 3-Tier Floor Caddy (now $15)
  • 1 x plank of wood (if you purchase this from Bunnings, the staff will be able to cut the wood to your exact measurements for free)

How to build your Kmart storage solution:

  1. Place the Kmart floor caddies where you want the shelf to go
  2. Balance the piece of wood across the two caddies

So, if you’ve got a small space – and an even smaller budget – this is the DIY hack you definitely need to get on board with. 

This article has been updated since its original publish date.

Lead Image Credit: Kmart/iStock

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