7 Cheap Kmart Products That Beat Paying for a Gym Membership

7 Cheap Kmart Products That Beat Paying for a Gym Membership

Let’s be honest, the cost of living is too high right now, which means certain things in our lives are starting to feel too expensive to justify. For some, that includes a gym membership. The good news is that not every type of exercise has to be super costly, and thanks to some affordable fitness products at Kmart, it’s actually relatively easy to stay active and motivated at home.

Here are some of our favourite Kmart fitness products right now.

Top Kmart fitness products

Sit Up Bar

kmart fitness products
Image: Kmart

Sit ups are an excellent core workout, but sometimes your living room just doesn’t have anything to grip onto that will help you fully extend that sit up. A $10 sit up bar like this one gives you that missing anchor, providing a counterweight to help you get the full range of your exercise.

Pick it up here.

Resistance Tube Set

kmart fitness products
Image: Kmart

Getting a good muscle workout doesn’t have to involve massive weights and machines at the gym. That’s where resistance bands come in. These stretchy bands use oppositional force to provide weight for your muscles to strain against, helping to build your strength and provide a solid home work out. The best part is you can use your own bodyweight as an anchor for the bands to attach to, making them super space and cost efficient.

Grab them here.

14-in-1 Push Up Workout Station

Image: Kmart

Push-ups are a tough exercise, and if you need some extra support for your wrists, then a board like this one might be in order. The 14-in-1 push-up workout station allows you to alter the position of your handlebars with different colour-coded options to help you work your shoulders, back, triceps and chest. It’s portable, foldable and costs just $22.

Buy it here.

Mini Exercise Bike

Image: Kmart

Sure, a Peloton is great, but if you don’t have the space (or money) for a full-blown exercise bike, this mini version does the job. The Mini Exercise Bike allows you to sit on a chair at home and cycle in comfort. The machine has an LCD screen for tracking your time, calories and RPM, and you can even switch it up and use it to exercise your arms if you want.

Check it out here for $35.

Dumbbell Set

Image: Kmart

If you’re serious about building muscle, you’ll probably need a set of dumbbells. The advantage to a set like this one from Kmart is that you can easily customise and change your weight level, adjusting the size of your dumbbell weight depending on the exercise you’re doing or as you grow stronger. The package includes 8 x 1kg cast iron weight disc, 4 x 2kg cast iron weight disc, 2 x 3.1kg chrome plated iron bar with threaded ends and 4 x chrome-plated star collars.

You can pick it up for $59.

Mini Massage Gun

Once all the work is done, you’ll need something for your sore and tired muscles. Enter a massage gun that doesn’t break the bank. The Mini Massage Gun at Kmart includes four different-shaped heads with a maximum run time of 50 minutes on a 2.5-hour charge. It gets the job done for just $49, leaving you fresh and ready for your next workout.

Buy it here.

Workout Dice

This is a bit of a curveball, but if you’re someone who just doesn’t have much motivation for exercise, one solution is to gamify it. Kmart’s $5 workout dice come in a variety of designs and provide you with prompts for different workout moves you can do at home. It makes your workout unpredictable and fun.

Buy them here.

If you’re looking for more Kmart inspo we have lists that will help you outfit your bathroom, bedroom and home office.

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