From the Sharmas to the Featheringtons, Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to the Bridgerton Family Tree

From the Sharmas to the Featheringtons, Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to the Bridgerton Family Tree

Bridgerton Season 3 is here, baby. And with it, we’re expecting a whole lot of fresh High Society scandal. The Bridgerton family, their potential partners and all the gossipy folks that make up the ton are here to consume our every waking moment once again – but how well do you know the show’s characters? 

If you’re a little confused by the Bridgerton family tree and the placements of all the other big names in High Society in the series, here’s a simple reminder so you’re fully prepped for all the drama in Season 3.

The Bridgerton family tree

BRIDGERTON family tree
The Bridgerton family tree. Credit: Netflix

Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne Basset (neé Bridgerton) and her love story with the Duke (Simon Basset) were the central elements of Bridgerton Season 1. She is the fourth child in the family and the eldest daughter of the bunch.

Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony is the starring Bridgerton in Season 2, and he is the eldest Bridgerton child in the family tree.

In Season 1, we see that Anthony is friends with Simon Basset – he is actually the reason the Duke and Daphne cross paths. Throughout Season 1 this Bridgerton has a casual fling with Siena Rosso, but in Season 2, we saw his love story with Kate Sharma develop.

Benedict Bridgerton

Benedict is the second child in the Bridgerton family tree, and he is the central character of the book An Offer from a Gentleman. 

In Season 1 of the show, we saw Benedict experiment with his sex life at assorted parties (some thought a queer storyline was on the way, but, alas, no). Love has not entered his life just yet, but a sexual relationship with Genevieve Delacroix did kick off.

Colin Bridgerton

Ah, sweet young Colin. The third eldest Bridgerton son found himself embroiled in something of a love triangle in Season 1 of the show.

Penelope Featherington has long had feelings for Colin, but he temporarily became engaged to Marina Thompson – unaware that she was pregnant with another man at the time (big Regency-era scandal). In Season 3, we see the birth of #Polin – as Colin and Penelope discover their feelings for one another.

Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise Bridgerton is the fifth eldest Bridgerton sibling and second daughter.

She has no interest in romance or men and is far more drawn in by literature and education. She has long been intrigued by the mystery of who Lady Whistledown is, and once she learned that it was, in fact, her best friend Penelope, their relationship broke down.

Francesca Bridgerton

We don’t know all that much about Miss Francesca aside from the fact that she is the sixth-eldest Bridgerton sibling and third daughter in the family tree.

During Season 1, Francesca left to practice pianoforte with their Aunt Winnie. In Season 3, she will return, played by a different actress. Hannah Dodd will be stepping into the role.

Gregory Bridgerton

Gregory is one of the youngest Bridgerton children in the family tree. He tends to play with Hyacinth a fair bit. He doesn’t have a huge role as yet, but that’ll change in time.

Hyacinth Bridgerton

Hyacinth Bridgerton is the youngest child in the family tree and she’s very excited by the idea of seeing her siblings enter into high society. Bless.

Viscount Edmund Bridgerton

Lord Bridgerton was the patriarch of the family, but died while his wife Victoria was pregnant with their youngest child, Hyacinth.

Violet Bridgerton

Violet Bridgerton is widow to Edmund and mother to all eight Bridgerton children. She assists with the planning of the social debuts of her daughters, and plays a fairly active role in guiding her children through the highs and lows of romance.

Bridgerton’s High Society

Bridgerton High Society family tree.
Bridgerton series season 2 High Society family tree. Credit: Netflix

Simon Basset

Season 1’s main man, the Duke (Simon Basset), was the face that captured a fandom in the early days of Bridgerton. A former ‘rake’ (fuckboi) turned romantic lead and husband to Daphne, this is the man that won the affections of most of us watching at home.

Though the Duke remains a part of the Bridgerton family tree, we haven’t seen him since Season 1.

Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte is a gossip-obsessed, fabulous leader and wife to King George III. She is also the star of the series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Marina Thompson

As mentioned earlier, Marina Thompson found herself up the duff after a brief love affair and became engaged to Colin Bridgerton in an attempt to hide the pregnancy from High Society.

Siena Rosso

Anthony Bridgerton’s casual(ish) lover in Season 1 and a talented opera singer.

Lady Danbury

Lady Danbury is one of the more influential members of the ton. She is Simon’s mentor, and has cared for him since he was a child.

Lady Whistledown

The anonymous gossip writer who reports on the scandals that hit the ton. Lady Whistledown is, in fact, Penelope Featherington, but the people of High Society are yet to learn that.

Will Mondrich

The Duke’s good friend and boxing buddy. Will is a club owner in the ton, who enters into High Society when his son is left a title and estate.

Alice Mondrich

Alice is Will’s wife, and it was her great-aunt who died and left their son Nicky an estate and a title in Season 3 of Bridgerton. Alice takes a minute to adjust to High Society but eventually finds her way well.

Mrs. Varley

The longtime housekeeper in the Featherington household.

Genevieve Delacroix

The ton’s stylish Modiste (or dressmaker) who has a way of spreading news around town.

Penelope Featherington

The youngest Featherington child and our very own Lady Whistledown. Penelope is good friends with Eloise and cousins with Marina – she has had a crush on Colin for some time now.

Prudence Featherington

Prudence is the eldest Featherington child and a fellow debutante to Daphne in season 1. She’s very intent on landing a husband – so far, no luck – and she isn’t particularly kind.

Philipa Featherington

Philipa is the middle child of the Featherington family tree in Bridgerton and has also had trouble finding a husband due to family’s circumstances.

Lady Portia Featherington

Portia Featherington is the matriarch of the family, and she is intent on getting her daughters married off soon. She was also responsible for locking Marina away because of her pregnancy. Messed up.

Bridgerton season 2 cast family tree
Bridgerton series Season 2 family tree characters. Image: Netflix

Kate Sharma 

Kate Sharma is the whip-smart leading lady of Season 2 of Bridgerton. She joined the Bridgerton family tree once she became Anthony’s wife.

Edwina Sharma

Edwina is the younger, well-mannered sister of Kate and the woman whom Anthony thought he’d start a life with during Season 2 of Bridgerton.

Mary Sharma

The character of Mary in Bridgerton Season 2 is mother to Edwina and Kate Sharma.

Theo Sharpe

Theo is described as “a printer’s assistant who fights for justice”, and he develops a close friendship (maybe more?) with Eloise in Season 2.


Brimsley is Queen Charlotte’s right hand man, and we learn more about this character in her series, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. We also learn of his love affair with the King’s right hand man, Reynolds.

For all of you waiting patiently, Season 3 (Part 1) of the Bridgerton series is streaming on Netflix from May 16, 2024. 

This article on the characters that make up the Bridgerton family tree has been updated since its original publish date.

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