All the Wildest Rumours About That ‘Secret’ Yellowjackets Episode

All the Wildest Rumours About That ‘Secret’ Yellowjackets Episode
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If you’re part of the Yellowjackets hive you’re probably itching for new episodes about now. The series was last seen about a year ago when the finale of the survival thriller left us with even more questions. As for when we’ll get them answered, Season 3 is still some time away, but there may be hope in the meantime for a secret episode of Yellowjackets. Allow us to explain.

Is there a secret bonus episode of Yellowjackets?

yellowjackets season 1
Image: Showtime

For some time now, rumours have been circulating that Season 2 of Yellowjackets contained a secret episode that is still yet to be released. Secret episodes have become a bit of a trend lately, with The Sandman dropping two surprise episodes after its initial season release and even our homegrown Bluey releasing new episodes with no warning.

Allow me to lay out the evidence.

The first indicator is that Season 2 contains only nine episodes, while Season 1 has ten. Why one less this time? Nine is a strange number of episodes to order, and what got fans intrigued on this point was a hint from series creator Ashley Lyle, who said on X (formerly Twitter) that this season contains nine “main” episodes, before following up with “never say never to bonus eps”.

Lyle then all but confirmed that there was a bonus episode, saying it would release “between seasons”.

So, while we don’t have a clear indication of exactly when we’ll see a new episode of Yellowjackets, we do know it will be before Season 3 (which hasn’t even filmed yet, so is a ways off). Watch this space.

What is the secret episode about?

yellowjackets paramount plus
Image: Paramount Plus

Now that we know a secret episode of Yellowjackets does exist, the next question is, what is it about?

We have some rumours that could indicate what the plot is.

In 2022, Jason Ritter, the husband of Melanie Lynskey (who plays adult Shauna in the series), was confirmed to have been cast in a guest role in Yellowjackets Season 2. However, if you’ve seen Season 2, you would know he still hasn’t appeared.

The prevailing theory amongst Yellowjackets fans is that Ritter is the star of the secret episode and his character could be the previous owner of the cabin that the girls are sheltering in. The cabin owner’s fate has never been revealed, but his skeleton was found with a shotgun in hand and the mysterious symbol carved into his floor. Uncovering Cabin Guy’s fate would certainly make an interesting bottle episode for the series.

This theory is only bolstered by recent comments made by Sophie Nélisse (who plays young Shauna), which revealed that neither she nor her castmates were present for the filming of the bonus episode, indicating that it will not feature any of the characters we know.

There’s also the ending of Season 2 to consider, which (spoiler alert) left the girls watching their sanctuary burn down thanks to a mystery pyromaniac. With the cabin’s future determined, it seems poetic that Yellowjackets may go back to explore some of its origins.

Until Showtime and Paramount choose to disclose more info, that’s kind of all we know about the secret Yellowjackets episode right now. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long for this mystery to be solved.

Yellowjackets Season 1 is available to watch on Netflix, while both seasons are also streaming on Paramount+.

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