8 Cheap Kmart Products You Need to Pack on Your Travels

8 Cheap Kmart Products You Need to Pack on Your Travels

Travel is back with a vengeance and if it’s been a few years since your last long-haul trip you’ve probably forgotten some of the challenges that come with it. Luckily, there are quite a few products out there that can make travelling a lot easier and Kmart has cheap versions of a lot of them.

Let’s go over some of Kmart’s best affordable travel products.

The top travel products you can buy at Kmart Australia

Packing Cubes

kmart travel
Image: Kmart Australia

If you haven’t invested in a set of packing cells, do yourself a favour and pick up a set like this; they are game changers. Having just been on a long haul trip myself I cannot stress how useful it is to be able to divide your clothes into individual bags and know exactly where everything is in your suitcase. Plus, they stack nicely, making packing a breeze.

This 7-piece set of Packing Cubes has been the source of particular excitement online as it features labelled bags of all different shapes and sizes for only $15. Kmart’s compression packing cubes are another popular option if you really want to pack things in.

Check it out here.

Hanging Packing Cube

kmart packing cube
Image: Kmart

The obsession with hanging cubes doesn’t end there. As the interest in travel organisation tools has exploded recently, so has the number of products on offer in the travel cube space. Kmart’s hanging packing cubes are a great option if you want to avoid unpacking and refolding all of your items each time you arrive at a new location. The tiered design of the hanging cubes acts like a shelf, allowing you to stack and access your clothing neatly at each destination and then compress it into a cube form to save space in your bag.

Check it out here.

Travel Tech Organiser

Image: Kmart Australia

Speaking of keeping things organised, there’s nothing worse than when you check in to a hotel, dying to charge your phone, and having to unpack your entire suitcase to find the right cable. A travel tech organiser case like this one will be the end of those problems. This case is small, soft and compact, and has compartments for a variety of different tech products, whether they be charging bricks, power banks or assorted cables.

Check it out here.

Inflatable Front Travel pillow

kmart travel pillow inflatable
Image: Kmart Australia

When it comes to travel pillows of all shapes and sizes, Kmart’s Inflatable Front Travel Pillow may look a little odd, but is a godsend for anyone stuck in the middle seat.

The pillow is easy to pack and inflate once you’re on your flight and is designed to sit on your knees or the tray table in front of you so you can lean forward and rest your head comfortably.

Reviewers online have said that while the design looks strange, the Front Travel Pillow is, in fact, very comfortable, and it only costs $18.

Check it out here.

Roll up Travel Pillow

kmart neck pillow
Image: Kmart

For a travel pillow that’s a little less cumbersome, Kmart’s new roll-up travel neck pillows are ideal. The memory foam moulds to your neck and back to give comfortable support and the pillow itself is lightweight and rolls up neatly for packing. It also has a removable cover which makes it super easy to clean.

Pick one up for $10.

Universal In-Flight Phone Mount

phone mount
Image: Kmart Australia

Not every plane is fortunate enough to be outfitted with seat monitors, which means you might want to rely on some downloaded shows or movies on your smartphone. The only thing is, finding a place to comfortably rest your phone during the flight can be challenging. While there are plenty of hacks out there, it’s probably easier to just buy an In-Flight phone mount like this one from Kmart, which clips onto the back of the chair in front – and even attaches to your suitcase if you’re in a long line at the airport! It’ll set you back just $10.

Check it out here.

Multi Pocket Hanging Organiser

Image: Kmart Australia

If you’re anything like me, you probably have multiple bags for all your different toiletries, medications and skincare products. Kmart’s Multi Pocket Hanging Organiser is one way you can combine all those bags into one and you won’t take up precious counter space if you’re sharing a bathroom because you can hang the bag from any towel rail or hook. It’s the little things that make a difference, you know?

This one costs $15, and you can find it here.

Digital Travel Scales

Image: Kmart Australia

Airlines can be pretty fierce about their baggage policy these days and if your bag is even 1kg overweight you could be facing an extra charge. If that’s a concern it’s worth considering something like a portable digital luggage scale, that you can loop through the handle of your bag and use at any time to determine how much stuff you’re accumulating – and whether it’s too much for the airline you’re travelling with.

This one is just $9. Check it out here.

While you’re here, why not check out some of the other great products in Kmart’s home range?

Lead Image Credit: Kmart Australia

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