We Now Have A Better Idea of When GTA 6 Is Actually Coming Out

We Now Have A Better Idea of When GTA 6 Is Actually Coming Out

Nothing quite gets the gaming world going like Grand Theft Auto. Late last year, Rockstar Games finally unveiled a look at Grand Theft Auto 6, and gamers have been in a fervour ever since. That intensified when the first GTA 6 trailer was leaked and then officially released. Let’s take a look at what has been revealed so far and when we can expect more news about the game.

What is GTA?

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GTA. Rockstar Games

This seems like a silly question, considering it’s one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time, but there are probably one or two people who are still unfamiliar with GTA.

The Grand Theft Auto games are a series of open-world action-adventure games published by Rockstar Games, focused primarily on allowing players to free-roam a fictional city and mess shit up.

Grand Theft Auto V was the most recent mainline release, and that was in 2013, meaning anticipation is at an all-time high for the sequel.

GTA 6: What do we know?

Up until December, all we knew about the next Grand Theft Auto game was that it was happening. Rockstar has since dropped the first trailer for the game and confirmed it will be titled Grand Theft Auto VI.

In late 2022, Rockstar was hacked, resulting in hundreds of videos of unfinished GTA 6 gameplay to leak online. Some of the images confirmed that the franchise would be returning to a modernised Vice City with spots like the Malibu Club and Vice Beach appearing. Leaks also hint at an expanding area south of Vice City that may include things like wetlands and tropical islands to mirror the south of Florida.

These leaks turned out to be accurate, as the GTA 6 trailer confirmed we’d be returning to the Florida-esque Vice City (in stunning new detail). It seems it will be filled with just as much chaos as the real Florida, including walkabout alligators, pumping club raves and plenty of vintage cars.

The trailer also confirmed GTA 6’s protagonists, including the franchise’s first female lead, Lucia. She is paired with another playable male character, and the two appear to be in a romantic relationship – with a Bonnie and Clyde dynamic.

Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson reported in 2021 that the game would take place in a modern Vice City with an evolving map. As to how involved this map is remains to be seen, but the shots from the trailer seem to suggest a very sprawling open world with many different biomes to explore.

The leaks also hint at the gameplay within the two-player dynamic, with instant character-switching and new stealth abilities. Some of the footage also seems to show a new painkiller health system and an enhanced police wanted system.

GTA 6 trailers

Early in November 2023, Rockstar teased it would finally be dropping the trailer for GTA 6. Unfortunately, a day before the trailer was supposed to launch it was leaked online in poor quality, so Rockstar decided to release the trailer in its full form.

The trailer features some stunningly realistic graphics, two new protagonists and is set to the tune of Tom Petty’s ‘Love is a Long Road’. You can check it out below.

What is GTA 6’s release date?

GTA/Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer

Now, this sounds great and all… but when can we actually get hands-on with GTA VI?

Unfortunately, we’re still looking at quite the wait with the trailer confirming GTA 6 will be released in 2025. Additionally, in a recent earnings report, Take-Two announced that GTA 6 was aiming for a “fall 2025” release date – which is sometime between September and November in Australia.

Guess it’s time to run around in GTA V for a while longer.

Additionally, per Take2Games, it’s been confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 would be coming to PS5 and Xbox series X|S only.

This article has been updated with additional information.

Lead Image Credit: Rockstar Games


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